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The Famous Painting of The Highwaymen adorned The Front Entrance To The Waylon Jennings Home 

The Highwaymen Article 

Johnny Cash, Kris Kristoferson, Willie Nelson, And Waylon Jennings – collectively known as the, Highwaymen are packing in the crowds in Asia. On the tail end of an Australian tour that wound through Southeast Asia in late November, The Highwaymen played to 5,000 people in Singapore and 4,000 in Bangkok, Thailand according to Judy Seale, a booking agent at Nashville – based Refugee International, who preformed shows in the Orient since 1998, those audience attendance figures are astronomical. Garth Brooks couldn’t draw those numbers in the Pacific Rim, Says Seale. “he’s not well-known enough in that part of the world. One member of the country super group who is equally surprised and flattered at his popularity is Willie Nelson. “All I ever hoped for when I started in country music is to be popular in the next state, let alone another continent”, The Texas legend says.

A BackStage Pass

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Bay Area, Oakland California

Nov.30,1991 Oakland Fire Storm Highwaymen Concert

Oakland – To Johnny Cash and thousands of cheering fans, they were heroes. But to the dozens of men and woman honored Saturday night for their efforts in fighting the Oakland hills fire, they were just some folks who did their jobs under some trying circumstances.

The Paramount Theatre in Oakland was the site of a special benefit concert by the highwaymen

Several dozen men and women who helped fight the "1991 Oakland's Fire Storm" were given free tickets to the show and invited backstage to meet The Highwaymen – Willie Nelson Waylon, Jennings, Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson. Cash even dedicated "Ring Of Fire" to the folks who fought the ring of fire and won.


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Recorded 12/4/84 - 5/23/85 Originally Released In 1986 As AL-40347 The Single "Even Cowgirls Get The Blues" Debuted On 5/19/85 And Reach #35 On Billboard"s Country Single Chart


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Johnny Cash, Lash La Rue, Waylon Jennings

I Know Someday We All Will See A World At Peace In Tranquility When Men Will Find The Time Again To Voice A Praise To God -- And Then Man's Right For Life And Liberty Will Never Cease, And The Whole World Will Enjoy An Everlasting Peace  Lash LaRue

Who Is Lash LaRue

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A Fascinating Journey Into The Nosalgic History Of One Of Hollywood's Great Western Movie Stars

DAYS... How the ACTION PACKED fight scenes were staged... Where the "King Of The Bullwhip" got the name

... The source of his fame and why people recognize him on the street daily The story of BLACK DIAMOND... The horse that won an 'Oscar'.. Lash tells what Fuzzy St. John, his faithful on screen sidekick, was really like; on and off screen...

You'll meet some of Lash's leading ladies...
You'll see a side of Lash many don't know exists...





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