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Tributes To Johnny Cash 

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Tribute CD's To Johnny Cash 

APRIL 18, 1999 TNT CABLE  TV 8:00 P.M. ET

Up front there oughta be a Man In Black!!. But if the effects of Parkinson’s like illness keep the 67year-old honoree of "An all-star Tribute to Johnny Cash" from being there, plenty of big names are still scheduled to walk the line in a concert to pay respects to the music legend, artist as diverse as U2, Bruce Springsteen, Willie Nelson Tom Petty And Bob Dylan. The only performer, besides Elvis, to be inducted into both the Country Music and Rock and Roll Halls Of Fame, Cash Appeals to everyone "grandmothers in Iowa to Johnny Deep" says his daughter Rosanne, a successful singer- songwriter in here own right Who’ll also play at the tribute airing on TNT’s master series. Cash’s contributions have been many, some 500 Albums and 1,500: songs including signature tunes ( Folsom Prison Blues, Ring Of Fire, and I Walk The Line ) a number that Rosanne first preformed for her Dad at the 1996 Kennedy Center Honors. "At rehearsals I was saying, This is never going to work. I was crying ; it was awful," she remembers " the next day, I just thought this is exactly right. It was like giving him something ….. It was a gift from both of us

Johnny Cash Rolls In For All-Star Tribute In His Honor

Johnny Cash's Tribute April 18,1999

Johnny Cash gets a hug from Emmylou Harris after he gave a surprise performance at the All-Star concert in his honor Tuesday night in New York. Other onstage left to right country duo Brooks and Dunn, Rosanne Cash, Johnny's daughter and Kevin Bacon

Johnny Cash was a surprise performer at his own all-star tribute Tuesday night in New York, taking to the stage for the first time since being diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder in 1997 ( not counting a brief appearance with Kris Kristofferson at the Grand Ole Opry last year ). My first time in 19 months Cash told the A-list audience at the Manhattan’s Hammerstein Ballroom. "it feels good, it feels good, it feels good. " Producers of the show, taped by TNT for telecast April 18, 1999 managed to sneak the quest of honor onstage near the end of the tribute. The Lights dimmed and the actor Tim Robbins read essay about life in prison. The lights rose to reveal Cash onstage. He uttered his trademark introduction Hello I’M Johnny Cash - then broke into ( Folsom Prison Blues ) and then followed up with ( I Walk The Line) Back by some friends of his. The 67-year-old singer suffers from Shy-Drager Syndrome. ( It was initially thought he had Parkinson’s disease ) While his hair was said to be grayer and thinner since his last public appearance, reports say his voice was strong and clear.

Other live Performers at Tuesday’s "All-Star Tribute to Johnny Cash include ( Sheryl Crow ) ( Willie Nelson ) ( Lyle Lovett ) ( Emmylou Harris ) and Kevin Bacon. Also On hand were Cash’s wife June Carter Cash and his daughter Rosanne Cash. Additionally, Bob Dylan, and U-2 contributed taped segments. And everyone, of course dressed in deference to Cash’s favorite non color Black

April 8,1999

APRIL 6, 1999   8:OOPM


Hollywood & Vine


Newly Released For MOJO Magazine 

Track List 

  1. One Piece At A Time (Michelle Shooked)

  2. Folsom Prison Blues (Waylon Jennings 

  3. Hardin Won't Run (Steve Earle)

  4. Good Night Irene (Mississippi John Hurt)

  5. Cry Cry Cry (Robbie Faulks)

  6. Worried Man (Jeb Loy Nichols)

  7. Dark As A Dugeon (Sparkehorse)

  8. I Still Miss Some One (Willard Grant Conspiracy)

  9. The Singer (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds)

  10. I Walk The Line (Shelby Lynn)

  11. Ring Of Fire (This Kid Named Miles)

  12. Get Rhythm (Jawbone)

  13. When The Man Comes Around (Knife In The Water)

  14. Bacon Ridn, Chief Seattle, The Ballad Of Ira Hayes (Tom Russell)

  15. Wayfaring Stranger / Fly Me To Moon (Giant Sand)

The RockaBilly Masters 

Track List 

  1. Rockabilly Fever ( Stan Perkins Vocal )

  2. Folsom Prison Blues ( Burl Boykin Vocal )

  3. Match Box ( Stan Perkins

  4. Big River ( Burl Boykins Vocal )

  5. Milk Cow Blues ( Travis LeDoyt Vocal )

  6. Little Marie ( C.W Gatlin Vocal )

  7. My Left Me ( Travis LeDoyt Vocal )

  8. I Walk The Line  ( Travis LeDoyt Vocal )

  9. Honey Don't ( Travis LeDoyt Vocal )

  10. I've Got A Woman ( Travis LeDoyt Vocal )

  11. Catchin The Blues ( Travis LeDoyt Vocal )

  12. Mexican Limbo  ( Mack Self Vocal )

  13. Good Rockin Tonight ( ( Travis LeDoyt Vocal )

  14. Jody McClain ( Burl Boykins Vocal )

  15. Baby Let's Play House ( Burl Boykins Vocal )

  16. Shadows  ( Mack Self Vocal )

  17. Blue Suede Shoes ( Stan Perkins Vocal )

  18. Give My Love To Rose (  C.W. Gatlin Vocal ) 

  19. Trying To Get Over You ( Travis LeDoyt Vocal )

  20. Drum Time ( W.S. Holland Instrumental )

  21. Let Me Come Your Way (1959) W/Johnny Winter& Burl Boykin Vocal 

The Johnny Cash Blues Tribute CD 

Releasing 'Johnny's Blues: A Tribute To Johnny Cash 
On July 29th.

The Following Artists And Songs Are On The Tribute:

Paul Reddick Train of Love

Gatemouth Brown Get Rhythm

Maria Muldaur Walking The Blues

Garland Jeffreys I Walk The Line

Chris Thomas King Rock Island Line

Blackie & The Rodeo Kings Folsom Prison Blues

Harry Manx Long Black Veil

Alvin Youngblood Hart Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down

Sleepy LaBeef Frankie's Man Johnny

Corey Harris Redemption

Kevin Breit Send a Picture of Mother

Colin Linden Big River

Mavis Staples Will The Circle Be Unbroken

Artist Choice Johnny Cash

Music That Matters To Him

“Hello I’m Johnny Cash” You hold in your hand a CD put together by Johnny Cash. We called the Man In Black at his ranch outside Nashville while he was preparing for his next album. He told us about why he chose these songs. Listen and find out why how a Hank Williams song started his singing career, his impression of Bob Dylan as a great hillbilly singer, and which country crooner is still the model of comparison for him.

Track List

  1. Lovesick Blues  (Hank Williams)

  2. I'll Hold You In My Heart  (Eddy Arnold)

  3. North To Alaska  (Johnny Horton)

  4. Big Iron (Marty Robbins)

  5. Me And Bobby McGee (Kris Kristofferson)

  6. Loving Her Was Easier (Kris Kristofferson)

  7. The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face (Roberta Flack)

  8. Desperado (Linda Ronstadt)

  9. Wichita Lineman (Glen Campbell)

  10. The Times Are A Changing (Bob Dylan)

  11. Four Strong Winds (The Chad Mitchell Trio)

  12. Peace In The Valley ( Red Foley & The Sunshine Boys)

  13. His Eye Is On The Sparrow (Mahalia Jackson)


TributeJCWeb1.jpg (12097 bytes)


TRACK                                                     ARTIST

  1. Ballad Of A Teenage Queen.......Dead Leaves rising
  2. Wanted Man .............................Section One
  3. Let The train Blow The Whistle ....Crosseyed
  4. Understand Your Man .................The Boxer Tramps
  5. Guess Things Happen That Way....Acme Music
  6. I Walk The Line ...........................Jeffrey Venuro
  7. Folsom Prison Blues ....................Kill Switch Klick
  8. Big River .....................................Penningtones
  9. Cry Cry Cry ................................The Staggers
  10. Jackson .......................................Chris Livesay
  11. Redemption ..................................Juke
  12. Ring Of Fire .................................Henry Boy
  13. When The Roses Bloom again ......Faith & Disease
  14. There'll Be Peace In The Valley .....Fan
  15. Long Black Veil ................Courtney Hudak ( With Chris Livesay )
  16. The Rebel ( Johnny Yuma ) ...........How's Bayou
  17. Luther Played The Boogie .............Hypnopaedia
  18. Man In black ................................Weird Feeling Number Three
  19. Thanks A Lot ................................The Western Trio
  20. Rock Island Line ...........................Remora

Album Liner Notes

When I was eight years old I lived in a sleepy little college town called Wrynesburg in Pennsylvania, during the summer months the neighborhood boys and I ran up and the alleyways between our homes playing "Mod squad " And "Speed Racer " One day my best friend said " hey, my dad has a record player in the garage. Lets go play some of his records, " I smiled, Yea !!! But he said he can’t find out - he’d whip my butt if he heard we’d been missin with his record collection. I agree and off we ran to his garage, a white washed car shed back behind our house. We snuck in. Inside rays of light penetrated cracks in the garage door and boarded up windows. It was cool and rusty smelling.

There it is John  pointed, the record player that sat on his dads work bench all dusty and half buried by old magazines. We pulled it out and blew off the dirt. It was an old one with built in speakers and a taped together tone arm. The records are in here John said, pointing at the broken wooden Cabinet. Does he have any Rock & roll Stuff I asked ? lets see !! he said pulling on the cabinet door. It creaked and moaned open. Inside there was tons of 45’s even duster then the record player had been. We pulled out several boxes and began digging through them. Man this is some old music!!Who is Pasty Cline? I inquired-oh yeah-hears a good on. My dad said I can’t listen to this one John pulled out Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues.

Why can’t you listen to that record? I asked. My dad says it’s not for kids It’s got mature something or other. Is it Rock & Roll? I’m not sure, he said as he put it on the record player and dropped the needle down. The speaker crackled with static and the music started. The opening guitar line hinted at Rock & Roll but then Johnny Cash’s deep voice pulled the song in a different direction. It wasn’t as heavy as my own dad’s 8-track tapes of Iron Butterfly but I liked it. This is good I yelled as we be-bopped around the garage. John garbed my arm " this part I like" he sang out of key with the song. But (I Shot A Man In Reno, Just To Watch him Die ) I didn’t know where Reno was but I sure in the heck didn’t want to go there.

We listen to Folsom several times and were right in the middle of a Pasty Cline 45 when john’s mom called out of house. John - John where are you? It’s lunch time!! We quickly put everything back the way it was and headed for the door. At the doorway John block it with his arm. Remember he said don’t tell anybody. I nodded. We both scampered out of the garage. John ran into the house and I ran home knowing my own lunch would be ready for me. That was my first rebellious music experience and Folsom Prison Blues has been one of my all time favorite songs since then.

The diversity of artist on this CD proves Johnny Cash’s transcendence of any musical genre. His influence and his music has stood the test of time. He truly is a living legend. We hope you enjoy listening to this tribute collection as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together.

One of Johnny Cash's TV Commercials in 2002

Revised: September 03, 2007


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