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Here Comes The American Freedom train

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A memorable mix of dazzling displays, striking scenes, and exciting sounds of America, the steam powered American Freedom Train may be remembered as perhaps the only truly national Bicentennial event. Just as the Constitution bounded together in common purposes the original thirteen colonies, so too, did America’s railroad play a major role in uniting the American continent. As one of the major national events of the Bicentennial celebration, the purpose of the American Freedom Train was steam across all 48 contiguous states, bring 12 cars filled a Kaleidoscope of the American experience to almost 140 cities, and the by doing so bring us all a little closer

President Gerald R. Ford dedicated the American Freedom Train at Alexandra Virginia on April 1, 1975, and the train began it’s 24,000 mile journey. The Freedom Train is schedule to end its historic journey in Miami Florida on the last day of 1976. The Freedom Train was really two shows in one. The first show was a journey of the Freedom train. Trains Magazine stated, will all due respect to the contents of the cars behind, the engines hauling the American Freedom Train are what make 1975 and 1976 years to remember. Transcontinental steam powered trains simply do not happen anymore – but in fact the American Freedom Train did make it happen and nearly 40 Million people have watched the passage of this train along thousands of miles of Railroad tracks

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The sound show takes place on board the exhibits cars. Cars that were formally baggage cars reconverted, rebuilt and designed to house on of the most impressive exhibits ever put on rails. The Freedom Train is a unique experience because of the highly diversified collection of Americana that has been assembled together at one time. Materials and artifacts were selected by a panel of experts from more than 200 museums, libraries, and private collections throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

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Ross Rowland, a 35-year Wall Street broker with a passion for both trains and America ( photo 1 ) had a dream – that a steam powered red, white and blue train filled with exhibits about America would be a memorable way to celebrate the nation’s 200 birthday. Four of America’s largest corporations got interested in the project and each made an initial contribution of one million dollars to help get the American Freedom Train the American Freedom Train rolling.

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