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The Orange Blossom Special 

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"Say Man, When You Going Back To Florida ?"
Going Back To

Johnny Cash's Orange Blossom Special

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LP Columbia CS-9109   1965
Is No Longer Available New

Push & Go

On The Original Recording, who Speaks The Line "Hey Man, When you Going Back To Forida ?" " Orange Blossom Special" And Speaks The Captain On "The Legend Of John Henry" None Of The Liner Notes that I have Read, Never have Indentified This Person

Pop Staples Is The Mystery Man's Voice !!!


"Johnny Cash". I  recorded “Orange Blossom Special” in the mid 60’s and in those days everybody that recorded it claimed the arrangement because no one knew who wrote it. But Mother Maybelle Carter was at the session, and I asked her, do you know who really wrote “Orange Blossom special”? She said, Sure I Do. Ervin Rouse and his brother Gordon. And I said. Last time I heard, they were in Florida. It was the only clue I had. I called a disc jockey down there named Cracker Jim Brooker, and I asked Cracker Jim, Did you ever hear of Ervin Rouse? And he said, Aw, I know Ervin. He lives with the Seminoles out in the swamp buggies for a living. I said, You got any idea how I can talk to him? 

And he said, Sure. I’ll announce it on the air Evrin call me and I’ll give you Johnny Cash’s number. It wasn’t an hour till Ervin Rouse called me from some little settlement in the swamps. I said, Ervin, I happen to be coming to Miami on tour. Would you come to my show and do “Orange Blossom Special” with me? He and Gordon came in the clothes they worked in. I brought Evrin up to play the fiddle, and he absolutely killed them. At the end of the song, they were applauding and he literally got down on his knees. He was such a sweet humble man. Gordon’s still living. I still see him every time I’m down there. 

Riding That Train

When the Rouse Brothers Earl, Ervin and Gordon recorded “Orange Blossom Special” June 16, 1939 surly they never dreamed they were cutting a classic. But “Orange Blossom Special” named for a passenger train, would become one of the most played fiddle tunes of all time. Ervin, a fiddler himself, wrote the song, which he originally titled “South Florida Blues” In time, The re-titled “Orange Blossom Special” with its famed fiddle intro that simulated the whine of a train, was recorded by Johnny Cash, the Great instrumentalist Charlie McCoy, Charlie Daniels and others.

Words To The Orange Blossom Special

Look Yonder Coming, Coming Down That Railroad Tarck
Look Yonder Coming, Coming Down That Railroad Tarck
it's The Orange Blossom Special. Bring My Baby Back

Well, I'm Going Down To Florida, And Get Some Sand In My Shoes
Or Maybe California, And Get Some Sand In My Shoes.
I'll Ride The Orange Blossom Special, And Lose These         New York Blues

"Say Man, When You Going Back To Florida ?"
Going Back To Forida

Don't Know, Don't Reckon I Ever Will
"Ani't You Worried About getting Your Nourishment In               New York?"
I Don't Care If I Do-Die-DoDie-Do.....

Hey Talk About A-rambling, She's The Fastest Train                    On The Line.
Hey Talk About A-rambling, She's The Fastest Train                    On The Line.
It's The Orange Blossom Special, Rolling Down The                     Seaboard Line

Florida's State Flower

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This Is A Popular Choice Even If It Is Not A Beautiful Flower

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