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         Emmylou Harris

LP's And CD's 


CD & Albums Index 

  1. Blue Kentucky Girl 
  2. The Ballad Of Sally Rose 

Blue Kentucky Girl 

CD Warner Brothers 3318-2 1979

Track List 

  1. Sister's Coming Home 
  2. Beneath Still Waters 
  3. Rough And Rocky
  4. Hickory Wind 
  5. Save The Last Dance For Me 
  6. Sorrow In The Wind 
  7. They'll Never Take His Love From Me
  8. Everytime You Leave 
  9. Blue Kentucky Girl 
  10. Even Cowgirls Get The Blues 

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The Ballad Of Sally Rose 

CD Warner Brothers 25-205-2 1985

Track List 

  1. The Ballad Of Sally Rose 

  2. Rhythm Guitar 

  3. I Think I Love Him 

  4. Heart To Heart 

  5. Woman Walk The Line 

  6. Bad News 

  7. Timber Line 

  8. Long Tall sally Rose 

  9. White Line 

  10. Diamond In My Crown

  11. The Sweetheart Of The Rodeo

  12. K-S-O-S

  13. Sweet Chariot 

Ballad Of Sally Rose

Coming down the interstate in her daddy’s convertible, a young woman picks up a handsome Sioux Indian hitching his way back home to Rapid City. It’s is fire at first sight-and she takes him all the way.

They set up house, and things soon begin to cool down. When a baby girl is born whom neither one wants, he leaves for new horizons, she goes back to her monthly allowance and Sally Rose is abandoned to the land of her fathers.

The day finally comes when Sally, whose closest companion for sixteen years has been the radio, goes out to meet the world. She meets The Singer instead. Joining his band, sally begins her apprenticeship, learning from his unique style which along with his wild ways, has made The Singer famous in bars and honky-tonks across the country. In her company he begins to settle down, gradually winning Sally’s heart and, after a show somewhere in hills of Virginia, they married.

Under his guidance, standing in the spotlight beside him every night, Sally blossoms into a compelling singer herself. She comes to the attention of the people who promise her a successful career if she will abandon the music of The Singer and work alone. A distance then begins to grow between them, and he sinks slowly back to his old, reckless ways. Sally, not understanding, is hurt, and finally leaves, without realizing how much The Singer needs her.

She soon finds out that the promise of glamour in here new life cannot compare to the promise they made to each other, nor can her new sound replace the sweetness in the songs he had taught her. But before she can tell him what is in her heart, The Singer is killed in a car accident, never to know that Sally Rose was on her way back to him.

Overcome with grief and remorse, Sally goes back on the road to sing his music, believing she can still somehow be close to him in the places they had worked together. Years of playing one-night stands follows, Sally becomes successful beyond her wildest dreams. Yet without The Singer beside her, success seems hollow eventually, she gives up everything and settles down, realizing that she must face her life alone.

Sally is at peace now, from a broadcasting tower, not far from where she lost him forever, she sends out the sound of The Singer to all who pass by on the endless stretch of highway. She’s just waiting for you to tune in.   

Light Of The Stable 

CD Warner Bros. 9-34842

Track List 

  1. Christmas Time's A Coming 
  2. O Little Town Of Bethlehem 
  3. Away In The Manger 
  4. Angel Eyes (Angel Eyes)
  5. The First Noel 
  6. Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem 
  7. Little Drummer Boy
  8. Golden Cradle 
  9. Silent Night 
  10. Light Of The Stable 

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