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Thanksgiving With Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman 

Will They Make It Home Alive For Thanksgiving 
The Children Plan A Surprise Dinner,. But Before Dr. Quinn, Sully And BeforeTheir Friends Can Make It Home, They Become Victims Of A Surprise Ambush.
1994 TV Series Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman 

Cowboys and Indians May 1997 Excerpt From an article on Jan e Seymour

Jan e Seymour is in her element  - she’s got on an acorn-colored suede duster, and she’s standing on a dirt street in the center of what’s supposed to be Colorado Springs , Colorado , circa 1871. Large, thick leaves are falling from the old trees, strewing gold and green  onto the lanes of his mountain hamlet as autumn gives way to winter, and Seymour is playing the character that’s made her a Saturday night heroine …. Dr. Michaela Quinn. Guest star Johnny Cash --- retuning to Dr. Quinn Woman for his fourth reprisal of retired gunslinger Kid Cole --- is bidding Michaela goodbye right now. I want to thank you for talking sense to me, Dr. Mike Says The Man In Black, who is indeed duded up in a long black duster and black cowboy hat that befit his off-screen legend.


I didn’t say anything you hadn’t already said to yourself. Replies Seymour .  Behind Cash. There’s a stagecoach with four chestnut horses harnessed up ready for action. They’re not going anywhere just yet, however. They’re good picture horses whispers the wrangler. Sometimes, they’ve got to stand on their mark for hours. With a final look at Seymour , Cash tells her, Goodbye don’t necessarily have to be goodbye. You never know what tomorrow gonna bring. Then he steps up into the coach that will take him out of town. He seems reluctant to leave

The Invertebrates - Poem 

Some men spend a lifetime in the hope they can devise

A chart which will an able man then someday analyze

The wretched men who stumble, then somehow cannot arise

They’ll pay one man to draw the chart, another to declare

What secret signs are in the lines, but do they really care

That one is long and one is short and one line is not there

For charts or abstract documents that cannot have a soul

They cannot tell why this man fell and that one reached his goal

Nor can they tell why some rebel and lose all self-control

I think a thousand years from now, as it was long ago

Two roads will be for all to see, but which way will man go?

Will he arise toward the skies to reach for some new plateau?

Will he devise a brave new world, a world thus far unknown?

Will he plow under all the seeds of greed and hate he sewn?

Or will he steal the very field he plants his hopes upon?

As long as there are two such roads a man can look upon

As long as some men linger deep within the twilight zone

The weak will always take the road that leads to wall of stone

There should be made a stone blockade torn from the prison stone

And make a wall across all roads man should not walk upon

And let the seeds of bitter weeds grow till that road is gone

Then those who sit in higher power, those who hold the might

Could then direct the hordes of men on to the way that’s right

And then the men who draw the charts would also see the light

(Johnny Cash – C.A. Johns on – Gordon D. Dillingham


Revised: September 03, 2007

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