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After leaving Del Rio, the Carters Family moved to Charlotte, where they spent a couple of years broadcasting over the station there and playing show dates at school houses all around. The Carter Family now was Mother Maybelle Carter, Helen, June, and Anita. From there they went to WRVA, Richmond Virginia ( 1943 - 47 ), Knoxville ( 1948 ), and from there to Springfield, Missouri ( 1949). Finally, along with the guitar player they picked up named Chet Atkins, they moved to Nashville and the Grand Ole Opry in 1950. This became the Carter Family home at least for the second generation of the family for seventeen years as regular members at the Grand Ole Opry. Sara moved to California with her second husband, Coy Bays. A.P. moved back to Virginia where he died in 1960.

Carter Family Songs have become legends themselves, songs like ( JIMMY BROWN THE NEWS BOY ), and THE HOMESTEAD ON THE FARM ). They have become bluegrass staples, and continue to be sung at the bluegrass and old-time gatherings all around the country. Joan Baez in the 60’s recorded Carter Family songs beginning a new revival and a new interest among the young people in songs like ( WILDWOOD FLOWER, GOSPEL SHIP, and LITTLE DARLING, PAL OF MINE ). And wherever the old Carter Family songs are sung, the singer will often try to give a little history and background on the songs, in the tradition of A.P. Carter.

With the election of the Carter Family to the Country Music Hall of Fame, Maybelle, the last active member of the trio, enjoyed a period of acclaim worthy of her stature as a legendary founding member of our great country music empire.

Like A.P. Maybelle loved her native Virginia. Life in the arid Texas - Mexican border area was not her cup of tea. She longed to see the flowers on the green hillsides , to hear the rushing water of the clear mountain streams up on Clinch Mountain. She missed the smell of hickory smoke curing the meat in November and she missed the snow in January. Her song, LONESOME HOMESICK BLUES, comes straight from the heart, for she wrote this song during the last season on the Mexican radio stations, shortly before she would return home to Clinch Mountain.

All these songs took the Carter Family off the slopes of Clinch mountain and into the hearts of the world. During the Depression, they gave the country something to sing about. Turn up the sound a little and their presence will fill your room.   Johnny Cash

Will The Circle Be Unbroken

The Carter Family

Mother Maybelle, June,Helen & Anita "Recording Session"

It was a Carter family reunion this fall when descendants of the original Carter family gathered to honor the pioneer trio of A.P., Sara, and Maybelle with their songs. The Occasion was the release of the US Postal Service’s country music stamp series, which includes stamp bearing likenesses of the Carter, Pasty Cline, Hank Williams and Bob wills. Also on hand to perform the honorees songs were Shelby Lynn, Jett Williams and the Drifting Cowboys and Asleep At The Wheel.

June & Carlene Carter

Homage Due Carlene Carter, June Carter Cash, And The Carter Family Seal

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