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"Entertainer June Carter Cash, wife of Johnny Cash passed away at 5:04 CST on May 15 at Baptist Hospital in Nashville, TN. following complications from heart surgery she underwent on May 7, according to Lou Robin longtime manager of Johnny and June.

June was 73 years old.

June Carter was born On 6/23/29 in Maces Spring Virginia, member of famous Carter Family group Daughter of Maybelle and Ezra Carter, sister of Anita and Helen. Worked with Elvis Presley, then joined the Johnny Cash Road Show in 1961. Married Cash in 1968

Sunday 18, 2003

Friday, her husband, Johnny Cash, released a statement that stated, "Thanks to June's friends, fans and loved ones at this terrible time. I love you all." 

Fellow stars called Cash gracious and equally talented as a comedian and a singer. 

Visitation for June Carter Cash was scheduled for 6-8 p.m. Friday and Saturday. 

Her funeral was scheduled for Sunday, 2 p.m., at First Baptist Church of Hendersonville. (Glenn Weekly Pastor )

Initially the funeral was to be private, but Johnny Cash decided to open the service to the public. 

The News Channel Five Network will air the funeral of June Carter Cash live Sunday beginning at 2 p.m. 

 Also was aired live on the radio station WSM Nashville Tennessee.  

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Carter Family Will The Circle Be Unbroken   

Press On April 20, 1999

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Helen Myrl Carter Jones

We shall Miss Her
September 19, 1927 - June 2, 1998

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Will The Circle Be Unbroken

I was standing by my window
on one cold and cloudy day
when I saw that hearse come rolling
for to carry my mother away

Lord I told that undertaker
undertaker please drive slow
for this body you are hauling
Lord, I hate to see her go

I will follow close behind her
try to hold up and be brave
but I could not hide my sorrow
when they laid her in her grave

Will the circle be unbroken
Bye and Bye Lord Bye and Bye
There's a better Home Awaiting
in the sky Lord in the sky

Carter Sister's

Helen Myrl Carter Jones

September 19, 1927 - June 2, 1998

Anita Carter

March 31,1933  -  July 29, 1999

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Anita Carter, the youngest daughter of Maybelle Carter and said to be the best singer of the, Carter Sisters died in her middle Tennessee home Thursday29, 1999 at the age 66fowing a long illness. Her sister, June Carter Cash and her brother-in-law Johnny Cash, were reportedly by her side.

She was probably the best singer of all the Carter Sisters and perhaps even better than Mother Maybelle, said music historian and Carter Family annotator Charles Wofe. "She's had an absolutely wonderful voice". She extremely versatile with it, proving herself able to experiment with number of different types of music --- Folk, Straight Country and Rock N' Roll . The Carter Sisters entry in the Country Music Hall Of Fame's Encyclopedia of Country Music also calls attention to Anita's crystal clear soprano. "Helen,the most capable instrumentalist , played accordion; June, the best comedienne and performer, was on the autoharp; and Anita, the soprano and best singer, handled the bass.

Anita Carter Born Ina Anita Carter March 31, 1933
Her first public Appearance Was In 1937

In Memory Of Anita Carter

In Memory Of Anita Carter

Flash Back Oct 23, 1978

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The early recording of the Carter family - Maybelle with cousin Sara and Sara's husband A.P. launched a musical revolution. as Don Everly told Life magazine "the Carter Family took country music from the front porch to the radio. Maybelle's then-revolutionary guitar style helped transform the instrument from back ground rhythm to the dominant lead sound in pop culture, "wrote the authors of finding her voice the saga of women in country music, "Sara and Maybelle were essentially a duet with occasional bass vocals from A.P. and were thus the foundation female act of country music history. On Oct 23, 1978 long praised as one of America's living musical treasures,Maybelle passed on at the age of 69 of respiratory complications and Parkinson's disease. When Maybelle's guitar went on display at the Country Music Hall Of Fame and Museum in 1998, CMF Director Kyle young said, "The Maybelle Carter guitar is arguably the most important artifact related to our music. People here describing it as the Holy Grail or Ark of the Covenant. It's important as a beautiful instrument on it's own, but its role in changing and shaping country music is immeasurable.

Anita Carter's Recording Stats
Country Charts

4/21/51 - Blue Bird Island > Charted #4

5/19/51 - Down The trail Of Achin Hearts>Charted #2(With Hanks Snow)

9/03/66 - I'm Gonna Leave You > Charted #44

10/21/67 - Love Me Now > Charted #61

3/30/68 - I Got You > Charted #4 ( With Waylon Jennings )

11/09/68 - To Be A Child Again > Charted #65

4/12/69 - The Coming Of The Roads Charted #50 ( With Johnny Darrell

1/16/71 - Tulsa County > Charted #41

10/23/71 - A Whole Lotta Lovin   Charted #61

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