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NOTE: All Of The Johnny Cash CD's  That Are Available, Can Be Purchased At Most Major CD Online Music Outlets

Destination Victoria Station

JcVictoriaStatWhite2.jpg (12067 bytes)

LP Columbia  P-13043
No Longer Available New On Vinyl
Only Released On Vinyl
Never Released On CD

Note: In 1975 Johnny Cash Used The Instrumental Portion Of "Orange Blossom Special" And Re-Recorded The Vocal For Release On Promotional Album --------"Destination Victoria Station"

Side #1

  1. Casey Jones
  2. Hey porter
  3. John Henry
  4. Wabash Cannonball
  5. City Of  New Orleans
  6. Folsom Prison Blues

Side #2

  1. Crystal Chandeliers And Burgundy
  2. Wreck Of Old 97
  3. Waiting For A Train
  4. Orange Blossom Special
  5. Texas 1947
  6. Destination Victoria Station

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Gone Girl 

LP Columbia -35646 -1978
No Longer Available New On Vinyl
Album Liner Notes Below NEW !!!!
No CD Available At This Time 

Side #1

  1. Gone Girl    Debut Date 9/9/78 Charted #44
  2. I Will Rock And Roll With You  Debut Date 1/13/79 Charted #21
  3. The Diplomat
  4. No Expectations
  5. It Comes And goes

Side #2

  1. It'll Be Her  Debut Date 12/9/78 Charted #89
  2. The Gambler
  3. Cajun Born
  4. You And Me ( With June Carter )
  5. A Song Of Life

Gone Man 

We were in New York City, Jack Clement, Jan Howard, June and I, and since we were going to the Lone Star Café, where we didn’t stay long, we took a cab, instead of a bus. Jack leaned over the cab driver and said, “The lord don’t know how long your hair is”. The Driver said What ?? !! Jack said, “He just knows many you got.” Then old jack started singing ”Gone Girl” to the cab driver, and we all joined in. We didn’t pay him when we got to the Lone Star, cause we knew we’d not stay long and we just him wait. We had a table somewhere in the back of the room where they sat us with another couple who had ordered fried potatoes, Jack had some fried potatoes and told the girl that she was making a mistake. Then we left. “You must believe in magic” said Jack to the cab driver. “I’ll never forget this night as long as I live,” said the cab driver. Now ole Jack sang “Gone Girl” out the window to his fellow Americans in New York City. Nobody applauded, but everyone was interested. Back in the room we sat up singing. Jack taught me “No Expectations” again and Jan sang along cause she had sung the song before. I sang “ It’ll Be Her” and Jack said You sing it good but you got a weird way of phrasing.

I sang “I Will Rock And Roll With You” and Jack said that’s a hit. Then Jack sang “A Bar With Nor Beer” that Benny Barnes used to sing. He sang it with a weird accent. June went to bed and went to sleep. Jack sang “When I Dream” then Jan sang “No expectations” again. Jan slipped out and went to her room. I said Will you play rhythm for me next week when I record all of these songs?” Sure Said Jack. I sang “It Comes And Goes” Jack played rhythm “That aint fast’ he said. Oh I said “I  thought you meant sing something quick.” “Naw he said I meant something” “ Don’t you like “It Come And Goes?” I Asked. Yeah but it ain’t fast. How did Mick Jagger and Keith Richards write a song like that? I asked. They watched the Carl Tipton Show. Asked Jack. They listen to the Grand Ole Opry said Jack. Naw they don’t I said. Where’s Jan? asked jack. She went to here room I said. How come? Asked jack. It’s two AM and she got sleepy. I said. I’m going to bed too said Jack. I’ll bring my old Gibson to the session next week when you record “Gone Girl” “And I Will Rock And Roll With You” I said. “And No Expectations” I said Jack. Is that the Gibson guitar you played on “Big River” in 1957 I asked. The same old one He said and he was gone. But he was at the session “next week” playing rhythm for me. And it felt good – cause we had rehearsed.

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Johnny Cash The Holy Land

JC Holy Land Web1.jpg (10131 bytes)

Columbia KCS-9726   1969
Now Out On CD Harmony 1786-2


Side #1

  1. Land Of Israel
  2. A Mother's Love  ( Narrative )
  3. This Nazareth
  4. Nazareth
  5. Town Of Cana ( Narrative )
  6. He Turned The Water Into Wine
  7. My Wife June At Sea Of Galilee ( Narrative
  8. Beautiful Words  ( Narrative )
  9. Our Guide Jacob At Mount Tabor
  10. The Ten Commandments

Side #2

  1. Daddy Sang Bass
  2. At The Wailing Wall  ( Narrative )
  3. In Bethlehem  ( Narrative )
  4. In The Garden Of Gethsemane
  5. The Fourth Man
  6. On The Via Dolorosa  (Narrative )
  7. Church Of The Holy Sepulchre
  8. At Calvary  (Narrative )
  9. God Is Not Dead

Note: This Album Was first Released With A Three-D Plastic Picture On The Cover. On later Re-Issues This feature Was Dropped and a Normal Picture Was Used  

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I Would Like To See You Again

LP Columbia KC-35313   1978
No Longer Available New On Vinyl
Soon To Be Re- Released On CD 
CD - Release Date June 6, 2000

Side #1

  1. I would Like To See You Again  ( Charted  # 12  For 13 WKS. )
  2. Lately
  3. I Wish I Was Crazy Again  ( Duet With Waylon Jennings )
  4. Who's Gene Autry
  5. Hurt So Bad

Side #2

  1. I Don't Think I Could Take You Back Again
  2. Abner Brown
  3. After Texas
  4. There Ain't No Good Chain Gang  ( With Waylon Jennings )
  5. That's The Way It Is
  6. I'm All Right Now

Some of this album was recorded on May 13, 14, and Oct 7, 1977 at the Sound Spectrum Studios Hendersonville 

Johnny Cash Vocal, guitar, John Carter Cash, Earl Ball, piano ; Marshall Grant, electric guitar bass; Jerry Hensley, guitar W.S. Holland, Drums; The Jordanaires  vocals; William Sherrill, leader Jerry Shook, guitar Pete Wade guitar; Producer Larry Butler

Hello John, This is Larry Butler. I have Joined Columbia Records as a staff producer and I Would Like See You. We met, we talked, we cut records that we’re still proud today. I Watched, as we traveled around the world, people everywhere smile and listen to a man who spoke and sang truth. Styles of records and songs have come and gone but through all the fades and gimmicks there has remained one consistent winner – Johnny Cash. Why? I believe it has been a lot to do with truth. His records are honest as he is. He will not cut a song because he believes it a hit. He cuts a song he believes it is a song

After several albums and a movie, I left to take a position to take a position with another record company summer 77 Hello John, this is Larry Butler and I Would Like To See You Again. Larry Butler 

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Johnny Cash Children's Album

Johnny Cash Children's LP

LP - Columbia  C-32898   1975
No Longer Available New On Vinyl
Now Available On CD - Bear Family
All In The Family

Side #1

  1. Nasty Dan
  2. One And One Makes Two
  3. I Got A Boy ( And His Name Is John )
  4. Little Magic Glasses
  5. Miss Tara

Side #2

  1. Dinosaur Song
  2. Tiger Whitehead
  3. Call Of The Wild
  4. Little Green Fountain
  5. Old Shep
  6. The Timber Man

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Movie Soundtrack -The Gospel Road

The Gospel Road

Two Record Set LP Columbia  KG-32253   1973
On LP Only And No Longer Available New
No CD Available At This Time


Side #1               ( Narrative )

  1. Praise The Lord    ( Introduction)
  2. Gospel Road (Part #1)    (Jesus Early Years )
  3. Gospel Road (Part #2   ( John The Baptist ) - (Baptism Of Jesus)
  4. Gospel Road ( Part#3  ( Wilderness Temptation)
  5. He Turned The Water Into Wine   ( The first Miracle )
  6. I See Men As Trees Walking    ( The State Of The Nation )
  7. Jesus Was A Carpenter   ( Choosing Of Twelve disciples )

Side #2             ( Narrative )

  1. Help (Part #1)  (Jesus teachings ) Parables Of The Good Shepherd
  2. Help (Part #2  ( Sermon On The Mount
  3. Follow Me ( With June Carter ) Mary Magdalene Speaks

Side #3               ( Narrative )

  1. He turned The Water Into Wine  ( Crossing The Sea Of Galilee)
  2. He turned The Water Into Wine ( Part #2 )  ( Feeding The Multitude )
  3. He turned The Water Into Wine ( Part #3
  4. Gospel Road     ( The Raising Of Lazarus )
  5. Help    ( song Of  the children)
  6. The Burden Of Freedom

Side #4                 ( Narrative )

  1. Lord Is It I  ( The Feast Of The Passover )
  2. The Last Supper
  3. The Burden  Of Freedom    ( He Is Risen )
  4. Jesus Was A Carpenter

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The Adventure Of Johnny Cash

JcAdentureWhite2.jpg (9834 bytes)

LP Columbia    FC-38094  1982
No longer Available on Vinyl, New !!
 Not Available On CD In USA At This Time 

Side #1

  1. Georgia On A fast Train  Debut Date 8/7/82 Charted #55
  2. John's
  3. Fair Weather friends
  4. Paradise
  5. We Must Believe In Magic  Debut Date 2/26/83 Charted #84

Side #2

  1. Only Love
  2. Good American Guest
  3. I'll Cross Over Jordan
  4. Sing A Song
  5. Ain't Gonna Hobo No More

                                   Adventures Of Johnny Cash

I am a person that Johnny Cash listens to sometimes. That pleases me immensely Johnny Cash is a class listener. It’s fun to listened to by Johnny Cash. I truly believe that Johnny Cash can sing a thousand songs, which alone should unqualified him a good listener and go a long way towards calling him a singer. I’ve called him a singer even before that. They were right, too. The records are still around to prove it. It also proves that I was not always a good listener. But producers are supposed to make mistakes and I’ve always been a producer. Singers are the ones who are not supposed to make mistakes. And Johnny Cash has made at least a thousand mistakes. But I lied about Johnny Cash, the thousand songs. Johnny Cash can sing two thousand songs.  Jack Clement

Note: "We Must Believe In Magic" And "Only Love" Include Female Vocal Harmony And Strings On The Finale Cuts But No Mention Is Made In Any Session Information. The Album Jacket, However, Lists Vocals As, Joe Allen June Carter Cash, Cindy Cash, Kathy Johnson,Sandy Mason, Allen O'Bryant,Rachel Peer And Marty Stuart. Stings Are: John Catchings, Cello; Mark Feldman, Lennie Haight, Violins; Kristin Wilkinson Viola

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Classic Christmas

JC Classic Christmas Web1.jpg (6198 bytes)

LP Columbia  JC-36866
No Longer Available New On Vinyl  
For More Information On This Album 
See Johnny Cash's Christmas Page


Side #1

  1. Joy To The World
  2. Away In The Manger
  3. O Little Town Of Bethlehem
  4. Silent Night Holy Night
  5. It Came Upon A Midnight Clear

Side #2

  1. Hark The Herald Angels Sing
  2. I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day
  3. O Come All Ye Faithful
  4. Little Gray Donkey
  5. The Christmas Guest

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JcRainbowWhiteLP2.jpg (7247 bytes)

LP Columbia PC-39951   1985
No Longer Available New On Vinyl
Album Liner Notes Below !!
CD Not Available At This Time 

Side #1

  1. I'm Leaving Now
  2. Here Comes That Rainbow Again
  3. They're All The Same
  4. Easy Street
  5. Have You Ever Seen The Rain

Side #2

  1. You Beat I Ever Saw  Debut Date 12/24/66 Charted #20
  2. Unwed Fathers
  3. Love Me Like You Used To
  4. Casey's Last Ride
  5. Borderline

Every once in awhile a song comes along for me that gives me a boost. This has been the key to my continuing to enjoy performing after 30 years. And yes, I enjoy singing old songs as much as I ever did. Those songs are a part of me, There are times on stage that the song and I are one, and there is total projection of the song and to the audience. Know what I mean? But a new song that I love ….a really great song, gives me such a lift that I forgot the miles and the years and that song and I become one. Such a song is Kristofferson’s “Here Comes That Rainbow Again” The lyrics are so well, that sometimes the audience burst into applause when they hear the last line of the second verse. “Unwed Fathers” written by John Prine and Bobby Braddock, may be depressing to some of you, But it’s something that needs to be said for women, and, and I’m glad I can say it. “They’re All The Same” was written by Willie Nelson 20 years ago. I was living in California and I dreamed that that Willie wrote a song for me. I tracked him down in Nashville and told him about my dream. I did write a song for you. And sent it. For me, 1965 was a down year and it was one of the many things I lost. I only recently rediscovered it.

I wrote “I’m Leaving Now” in Australia on a bus between Sydney and Adelaide. And it’s about “the system” and the road. I wrote “You Beat All I Ever Saw” twenty years ago when Waylon and I were sharing an apartment in Madison Tennessee. I could only remember two verses of the original song, so I wrote the third verse at the studio. When I recorded this, my brother Waylon was hanging out with me most of the time and he was a great encouragement and inspiration to me. Jessi Colter: one of the world’s great women. “Casey’s Last Ride” is one of those songs Kristofferson gave me 15 years ago and I threw it in the lake. June and Anita kept telling me that I should record it, and finally I did, and they were right. I know Casey. “Borderline” “Love Me Like You Used To”  “Have You Ever Seen The Rain?” and “Easy Street” were contributed by Chips mom.. I love all four of them, especially “Easy Street”. You know I can relate to that song. Chips is a great producer alright. He’s also temperamental, hard working, ( there is no clock in his studio )  and totally unpredictable. And you can be sure he’s thinking a lot more than he’s saying. Picture this: We’ve just finished to take on one of the songs. It sounds good. Every one is excited, saying things like “That’s A Hit”, “That’s A Single”, “It’s A Monster”. I said “what do you think Chips?” A long pause, “It could sell hundreds” says Chips. So now when I’m out there, and if I am tired of any of the old song, I do one of these. Instantly, the years and miles roll away and again the song and I are one. The young mother in the audience gives me a knowing smile when I sing “Unwed Fathers”. A wrinkled, wizened old man taps his toe to “Borderline”. I even see a tear or two on “Rainbow”. I don’t think about sales and promotion when I record a song. I don’t record songs to do family or friends a favor. I don’t record a song because I publish. I record a song because I love it and it let it become part of me. And even a blind pig gets a grain of corn once in awhile. So who knows, maybe I’ll sell hundreds. Johnny Cash

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The Rambler

JcRamblerWhite.jpg (7795 bytes)

LP Columbia   KC-34833   1977  
No Longer Available New On Vinyl
Available On CD (Bear Family Box-Set )
Come Along And Ride This Train BCD-15563

Side #1

  1. Hit The Road And Go
  2. If It Wasn't The Wabash River
  3. Lady
  4. After The Ball

Side #2

  1. No Earthly Good
  2. A Wednesday Car
  3. My Cowboy's Last ride
  4. Calilou

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Johnny 99

JC 99 Web 2.jpg (7487 bytes)

LP Columbia    FC-38696    1983
No Longer Available New On Vinyl

Now On CD-Koch CD-7980

Side #1

  1. Highway Patrolman
  2. That's The Truth
  3. God Bless The Robert E. Lee 
  4. New Cut Road
  5. Johnny 99

Side #2

  1. Ballad Of The Ark
  2. Joshua Gone Barbados
  3. Girl From The Canyon
  4. Brand New Dance
  5. I'm Ragged But I'm Right  Debut Date 9/24/83 Charted #75

NOTE: All Of The Johnny Cash CD's  That Are Available, Can Be Purchased At Most Major CD Online Music Outlets

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