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NOTE: All Of The Johnny Cash CD's  That Are Available, Can Be Purchased At Most Major CD Online Music Outlets


Columbia KC-31645   1972
No Longer Available New On Vinyl
Is Available On The Bear Family Box Set
Come Along And Ride This Train BCD - 15563
Now Available On CD ! ! 

Side #1

  1. Paul Revere
  2. Begin West Movement
  3. The Road To Kentuck
  4. To The Shining Mountains
  5. The Battle Of  New Orleans
  6. Southwestward
  7. Remember The Alamo
  8. Opening The West
  9. Lorena

Side #2

  1. The Gettysburg Address
  2. The West
  3. Big Foot
  4. Like A Young Colt
  5. Mister Garfield  ( Debut Date - 7/10/65  - Charted #15
  6. A Proud Land
  7. The Big Battle  (Debut Date- 3/31/62 - Carted #24 
  8. On Wheels And Wings
  9. Come Take A Trip In My Airship    Note: ( This Song Was Used In A 2003 General Electric TV commercial )
  10. Reaching For The Stars
  11. These Are My people

How Time Flies. December 17 2003 Marks 100 Years Since Orville And Wilbur Wright Winged Their Way Into History At Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Johnny Cash's Song "Come Take A Trip In My Airship"  Was Use In a General Electric Commercial In Marking This 100 Year Anniversary Of This Historic Flight. 

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The Johnny Cash Show

JCTVShowsWhite.jpg (6798 bytes)

Gold Album 

Columbia LP-KC-30100
The Johnny Cash Show 1970
No Longer Available New On Vinyl
No CD Available At This Time

Side #1

  1. Sunday Morning Coming Down (Debut  9/5/70 - Charted #1 
  2. Come Along And Ride This Train
  3. Six Days On The Road
  4. There Ain't No Easy Run
  5. The Sailor On A Concrete Sea
  6. These Hands

Side #2

  1. I'm Gonna Try To Live That Way
  2. Come Along And Ride This Train
  3. Mississippi Delta Land
  4. Detroit City
  5. Uncloudy Day
  6. No Setting Sun
  7. Here Was A Man

Recorded Live At The Grand Ole Opry House , Nashville Tennessee.
Featuring The Music Of The Tennessee Three And Bill Walker's Orchestra
Background Voices Of The Statler Brothers And The Carter Family

Presented to Johnny Cash to commemorate the sale of more than 500,000 copies of the Columbia album and cassette

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Debut Date 11/24/66 - You Beat I Ever Saw - Charted  #20

Debut Date 10/28/67 - The Wind Changes - Charted #60 

Debut Date - 12/23/67 - Rosanna's Going Wild  Charted #2 Debut

Debut Date  - 6/26/71 Singing Viet Nam Blues - Charted  #18

Ragged Old Flag

USFLAG.GIF (17160 bytes)

Columbia  KC-32917  1974
Now Available On CD ! ! 

Side #1

  1. Ragged Old Flag   ( Charted #31 - 13 Weeks 4/27/74 Billboard 
  2. Don't Go Near The Water
  3. All I Do Is Drive
  4. Southern Comfort
  5. King Of The Hill
  6. Pie In The Sky

Side #2

  1. Lonesome To The Bone
  2. While I've Got It On My Mind
  3. Good Morning Friend
  4. I'm A Worried Man
  5. Please Don't Let Me Out
  6. What On Earth

Liberty Weekend 

Liberty Weekend July 4, 1986 New York With Johnny Cash
No !! Video, Soundtrack, CD Or Vinyl Recording Available !!! 

Narrators Peter Jennings  & Barbara Walters
John Denver 
Whitney Houston 
Boston Pops Orchestra 

Johnny Cash - Ragged Old Flag 
James Whitmore - Words Of Abraham Lincoln
Barry Manilow 

Ragged Old Flag (Restoration of the Statue Of Liberty.)

Johnny Cash represented America’s Country Music and recited the Ragged Old Flag, and later sang ( The Battle Hymn Of The Republic ) at the Liberty Weekend Concert in 1986 In New York City.

PicLibertyweelend 2.jpg (29755 bytes)

PicLibertyweelend 3.jpg (39062 bytes)

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Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison

Platinum Album 

LP Columbia  CS-9639   1968
No Longer Available New On Vinyl 
Johnny Cash's Stats
Now Available In It's Uncut Version On CD

Push To Go

Side #1

  1. Folsom Prison Blues (Live Version) (Debut Date 6/1/68 - Charted #1) Also Charted In 1956 As #4 On The Sun Label 
  2. Dark As The Dungeon 
  3. I Still Miss Someone
  4. Cocaine Blues
  5. 25 Minutes To go
  6. Orange Blossom Special  
  7. The Long Black Veil

Side #2

  1. Send A Picture Of mother
  2. The Wall
  3. Dirty Old Egg-Sucking Dog
  4. Flushed From the Bathroom Of Your Heart
  5. Jackson
  6. Give My Love To Rose
  7. I Got Stripes
  8. Green Green Grass Of  Home
  9. Greystone Chapel     ( Written by Glen Sherley )

Super Audio CD Of Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison 

Multi-Channel / Stereo
This Disc Is Designed For Use Only In Super Audio CD Players 
( Great Sounding ) 

To commemorate the sale of over one million copies of the Columbia Records long-playing record album.



Cash Creates Prison Classic

                                     Cash Creates Prison Classic

While waiting for a plane in early 1955, Johnny Cash ducked into a theater and became fascinated by the movie he saw, “In Side The Walls Of A Prison Of Folsom Prison”. On the plane, he wrote he turned that experience into “Folsom Prison Blues” which Johnny recorded on July 29, 1955. Released in 1956, the single went to No. 4 on the Billboard Country Charts. A 1968 version, recorded live at Folsom rose to No. 1


This cup was given to the Cashes by the warden of Folsom Prison.

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Johnny Cash At San Quentin

JC at Sanquentin whiteWeb2.jpg (8576 bytes)

Platinum Album 

LP Columbia    CS-9827     1969
No Longer Available New On Vinyl 
Johnny Cash's Stats
Now Available In It's Uncut Version On CD
Released Date July 4, 2000

Side #1

  1. Wanted Man
  2. Wreck Of Old 97
  3. I Walk The Line
  4. Darling Companion
  5. Starkville City Jail

Side #2

  1. San Quentin
  2. San Quentin  (This Song Only on LP Format Only ) 
  3. A Boy Named Sue ( #1 Hit   July  26, 1969 ) ( Shel Silverstein
  4. Peace In The Valley
  5. Folsom Prison Blues

On Jan. 1, 1959, Instead of spending New Year’s Day Partying or watching football, Johnny cash put on a landmark concert for the inmates of San Quentin prison in California. The show had an especially profound effect on one inmate in particular. A young Merle Haggard, serving time for burglary and attempted escape, was so inspired that he vowed to become a songwriter and singer after completing his prison term. Years later, when Merle appeared on Johnny’s network TV show, he revealed the story for the first time – and took The Man In Black by surprise. “That caught me completely flat-footed,” Johnny later recalled. In 1969, Johnny Returned to San Quentin for another concert and recorded the Landmark album “Johnny Cash At San Quentin” which featured the rollicking novelty number “The Boy Named Sue.” That song became Johnny’s biggest singles, spending five weeks at No. 1, and “Johnny Cash At San Quentin” captured the 1969 CMA Awards for Album of the Year.     

Johnny Cash's legendary 1969 concert at San Quentin State Prison in San Quentin, Calif. will be preserved unedited and in its entirety for the first time on CD, when Columbia/Legacy releases Johnny Cash at San Quentin (The Complete 1969 Concert) on July 4. 

Johnny Cash at San Quentin was originally released in 1969 but was missing nine tracks originally played during the Feb. 24, 1969 concert. Those include "Big River," "I Still Miss Someone," "I Don't Know Where I'm Bound," "Ring of Fire," "Folsom Prison Blues," "He Turned the Water Into Wine," "Daddy Sang Bass," "The Old Account," and a closing medley of "Folsom Prison Blues," "I Walk the Line," "Ring of Fire," and "The Rebel" (featuring the Carter Family, the Statler Brothers, and Carl Perkins). As with the previous release, The Complete 1969 Concert includes back-to-back versions of "San Quentin" -- written especially for the performance -- per the request of the prisoners in attendance. 

Country legend Merle Haggard, who was a serving time at San Quentin in 1969 for breaking and entering and attended the show, is interviewed by country star Marty Stuart for the liner notes to the album. Besides the music, a famous rock and roll image came out of the 1969 San Quentin show as well. Photographer Jim Marshall's timeless photo of Cash flipping a bird to what looks like the camera lens (but in actuality was to all the photographers and cameramen at the front of the stage who refused to move upon Cash's request) was taken at the show. 

Here is the track listing to Johnny Cash at San Quentin (The Complete 1969 Concert): 

1. "Big River"
2. "I Still Miss Someone"
3. "Wreck of the Old 97"
4. "I Walk the Line"
5. "Darlin' Companion"
6. "I Don't Know Where I'm Bound"
7. "Starkville City Jail"
8. "San Quentin"
9. "San Quentin"
10. "Wanted Man"
11. "A Boy Named Sue"
12. "(There'll Be) Peace in the Valley"
13. "Folsom Prison Blues"
14. "Ring of Fire"
15. "He Turned the Water Into Wine"
16. "Daddy Sang Bass"
17. "The Old Account"
18. Closing Medley ("Folsom Prison Blues," "I Walk the Line," "Ring of Fire," "The Rebel")

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Johnny Cash Behind Prison Walls 



Track List 

  1. Folsom Prison Blues  (Johnny Cash)

  2. Sunday Mornign Coming Down (Johnny Cash)

  3. Jacob Green  (Johnny Cash)

  4. Comedy Routine (Foster Brooks)

  5. Desperado ( Linda Ronstadt)

  6. You're No Good (Linda Ronstadt

  7. Rollin In My Sweet Baby's Arms (Roy Clark)

  8. Honeymoon Feelin ((Roy Clark)

  9. Half As Much (Foster Brooks)

  10. Love Has No Pride 

  11. Silver Threads And Golden Needles (Linda Ronstadt

  12. Hey Porter (Johnny Cash)

  13. Wreck Of The Old 97 (Johnny Cash)

  14. Orange Blossom Special (Johnny Cash)

  15. Boy Named Sue (Johnny Cash) 

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A Thing Called Love

This Thing Called Love

LP Columbia   KC-31332   1972
This Album Is No Longer Available New On Vinyl
No CD Available At This Time

Side #1

  1. Kate  Debut Date 5/6/72 Charted #2 ( Wrote By Marty Robins )
  2. Melva's Wine  
  3. A Thing Called Love   
  4. I Promise You  ( This Song Was Wrote By Johnny Cash )
  5. Papa Was A good Man  ( Debut Date 10/16/71 Charted #16 )

Side #2

  1. Tear Stained Letter  ( Wrote By Johnny Cash )
  2. Mississippi Sand   ( Wrote By June Carter Cash )
  3. Daddy
  4. Arkansas Lovin Man
  5. The Miracle Man

This Thing Called Love         

Sometimes when I am singing I look into the blue light and I see dusty roads and green lush meadows. I put myself into another time and place, I sing a song that has long ago become second nature to me and I think about tomorrow. I talk to you from my heart in between these songs and I know that you understand that I am proud of you have listened. Your enthusiasm overwhelms me, I am embarrassed. But I try not to let you know, then I sing a gospel and I reach up and grab a handful, and start feeling the power of love. The chill goes down my spine, and my hands get hot from emotion and I suppose my eyes dilate. For my excitement becomes more and more intense, I shout words. And there’s love in every word I shout, because the love from him is going through me to you. I look down at you and there you are, sweet people reaching up for me. Oh how I wish I could tell you the power of the love goes through me to you, and comes back to me from you. My heart is bursting, I and weeping for my joy inside. I want to reach down and hold all of you touch you. But anything I could do wouldn’t really explain how wonderful I feel , so I step back and I smile at you and take a bow. It’s beyond me. It’s above me, It’s a gift of God, ( This Thing Called Love )   Johnny Cash 

Columbia Studios Nashville Two Sessions

Auguest 18, 1971 Johnny Cash Vocal, Guitar; Larry Butler, Keyboard, Carter Family; Vocals. #1 Take Ray Edenton, Guitar, Temple Choir, Vocals. Take #2 Marshall Grant, Bass W.S. Holland Drums; Charlie Mccoy, Harmonica; Carl Perkins, Electric Guitar, Bill Pursell, Piano; Jerry Reed, Guitar. On the Second Session Bob Wooton, Electric Guitar. Producer Larry 'Buttler

Songs Recorded At This Sesion

#1  A Thing Called Love        
#2  I Promise You                   
#3  Papa Was A Good Man  
#4  Miss Tara                         

Columbia Studios Nashville Two Session

January 13, 1972 Johnny Cash Vocal, Guitar; Larry Butler, Keyboard, Carter Family; Vocals. #1 Take Ray Edenton, Guitar, Temple Choir, Vocals. Take #2 Marshall Grant, Bass W.S. Holland Drums; Charlie Mccoy, Harmonica; Carl Perkins, Electric Guitar, Bill Pursell, Piano; Jerry Reed, Guitar. On the Second Session Bob Wooton, Electric Guitar. Producer Larry 'Buttler

Songs Recorded At This Sesion

#1  Kate    Debut Date 5/6/72 Charted #2                         
#2  Mississippi Sand      
#3  Tear Stained Letter  
#4  Melva's Wine       

Note : The Song Miracle Man Was Recorded On Another Session       ( Next Day ) January 14, 1972

Note: The Evangel Temple Choir Is From The Church Of Jimmie Rodger's Snow, the Son Of Hank Snow

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One Piece At A Time

Columbia KC-34193   1976
This Album Is No Longer Available New On Vinyl
No CD Available At This Time

Side #1

  1. Let there Be Country
  2. One Piece At A Time (Debut Date 4/10/76 Charted #1)
  3. In A Young Girl's Mind
  4. Mountain Lady
  5. Michigan City Howdy Do

Side #2

  1. Sold Out Of Flagpoles  ( Debut Date 7/24/76 Charted #29 )
  2. Committed To Parkview
  3. Daughter Of A Railroad Man
  4. Love Has Lost Again
  5. Go On Blues

Here I Am Back Again By Johnny Cash

Like a favorite old shoe that you pulled off and threw in the trash then found your new hurt your feet. Wore them new ones all you could then shined the old ones up real good, felt as natural as an old familiar street. Like a warming April wind here I am back again. Like a letter that you guessed at and missed the right address it comes back at you like a jumping bean, like a present that you want, like a birthday that you don’t like that judgment day of April fifteen. Like a temptation to sin, here I am back again. Like an old dog on the prowl late at night you hear him howl to remind you that he isn’t far away, like a Capistrano bird, ain’t nobody ever heard of em not returning on return day. Like your prodigal Kissin Kin here I am back again  Johnny Cash 

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Debut Date 4/21/73 Children (From The Album Gospel Road ) Charted  #30

Debut Date 2/23/74 - Orleans Parish Prison - Charted #52 

Johnny Cash Sings Preciuos Memories

LP Columbia  C-33087 
This Album Is No Longer Available New On Vinyl 
Now Available On CD  ! !

Side #1

  1. Preciuos Memories
  2. Rock Of Ages
  3. Old ragged Cross
  4. Softly And Tenderly
  5. In The Sweet By And By
  6. Just As I Am

Side #2

  1. Farther Along
  2. When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder
  3. Amazing Grace
  4. At The Cross
  5. Have Thine Own Way

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The Man In Black

Columbia C-30550   1971
This LP Is No Longer Available New On Vinyl
No CD Available At This Time

Side #1

  1. The Preacher Said ( With Billy Graham )
  2. Orphan Of The Road
  3. You've Got A New Light Shining In Your Eyes
  4. If Not For Love
  5. Man In Black  ( Debut Date 3/27/71 Charted #3 )

Side #2

  1. Singin In Viet Nam Talkin Blues
  2. Ned Kelly
  3. Look For Me ( With June Carter Cash  )
  4. Dear Mrs.
  5. I Talk To Jesus Every Day  ( With June Carter Cash  )

The Man In Black 

There was a chill in the air this morning and the leaves on the buckeye tree are putting on new colors and I feel a change in me. It would be surly be wrong to fight it. For change is nature’s way and I expect to be different tomorrow than what I am today.

Well Hello! Here I am back again. And I have not enjoyed myself as much in three years as I did recording these new songs this week. It’s the first time since we began television that I’ve had time to spend two or three days in the studio. The result of that labor of love is this album of new songs. I have never been prouder of an album than I have this one. There are only three instruments on this album, The Tennessee Three, plus myself on rhythm guitar. There are two voices June Carter, and Rev. Billy Graham’s.

We hope this well be the first of many albums of new songs. We’re going to continue to work hard at making records and personal appearances, the two things I really love doing. I speak my mind in a lot of these songs. The lyrics express my feelings for a lot of things, and my feelings never change on some things, yet must change on others. As I recently told a reporter. Yes, I feel different now than I did a year ago about so-and-so. A year ago I had done a lot less thinking than I have now. Then the reporter said “But last yea, I thought you said” Yes, I did say that was last year.

But I changed my mind I changed a lot of things a lot of things change me. I’m always changing, always will be changing I’m growing, building, expanding. I am still being born, you haven’t seen the complete me yet. So the reporter asks, “Then there is nothing constants about you”? I answer “yes, I have many constants. I never quit, I never give up, I love people, I will always believe in God, I love music, I love to write, I love to perform, And I love my country. I believe in its youth and always have and always will. These are a few of my constants and there are others, however in most things, I’m changing. So “I said to the reporter, please don’t tell anybody how I feel about anything else unless I told you the last few day”. 

So here is an album that we’ve recorded in the last few days. The product of change. From the happy, hard working J.C.A.T. Johnny Cash after television.

Johnny Cash And Billy Graham 1985

I often feel like the man in the south who had a mule. He decided to put his mule in the Kentucky Derby. His Friends said. You don’t expect him to win, do you? No but look at the company he’ll be in. That’s the way I feel when I’m with people like you who are so talented Billy Graham

I have never known a greater man among men. Yet simply, his common touch, his child-like compassion for his fellow man, is the source of his greatness. As a friend of mine, he is one of those in the inner circle, those four or five friends you will only know in a lifetime of friends that come and go. He is true, He is faithful, He is what he appears to be; A dedicated vessel of Gods earthly endeavors among men.

Billy Graham is my friend, and I love him  Johnny Cash

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John R Cash

Columbia  KC-33370   1975
This Album Is No Longer Available New On Vinyl
No CD Available At This Time

Side #1

  1. My Old Kentucky Home  Debuted 4/12/75 Charted #42
  2. Hard Times Comin
  3. The Lady Came From Baltimore Debuted 12/14/74 Charted #14 
  4. Lonesome To The Bone
  5. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

Side 2

  1. Clean Your Own Tables
  2. Jesus Was Our Savior
  3. Reason To Believe
  4. Cocaine Carolina
  5. Smokey Factory Blues

NOTE: All Of The Johnny Cash CD's  That Are Available, Can Be Purchased At Most Major CD Online Music Outlets

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