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Bear Family

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Old Golden Throat

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LP Vinyl - Bear Family  BFX-15072
No Longer Available New On Vinyl

Side #1

  1. I Got Stripes
  2. A Certain Kinda Hurtin
  3. A Little At A Time
  4. All Over Again
  5. Still In Town
  6. Smiling Bill McCall
  7. The Wind Of Change


  1. The Son's Of Katie Elder
  2. Dark As A Dungeon
  3. Tennessee Flat-Box
  4. The Matador
  5. Send A Picture Of Mother
  6. You Dreamer You
  7. Red Velvet

When it became clear that the Mexican trumpet-sound in the 1963 smash hit "Ring of Fire" had literally changed Johnny Cash’s career, and so then he used the same instrumental arrangements tracks from "Ring Of Fire" and recorded "Anillo de Fuego" [literally, "Ring of Fire"], also called "Fuego d'Amor" ["Fire of Love"]. And this version of this song can be found on the Bear Family Box Set “The Man In Black 1963-1969” BCD 15588 210.DM

Three months earlier, he had recorded "The Matador" (written by Johnny Cash and June Carter), which was to become his follow up single to “Ring Of Fire
This song also featured the trumpets. And was a #2 Hit for Johnny Cash in 11/9/63
So, when he went in to finish work on Matador he recorded the 2 songs in Spanish. The single "Anillo de Fuego" 



More Of Old Golden Throat

JcGoldenThroatWhite2.jpg (9480 bytes)

LP Vinyl - Bear Family   BFX - 15073
No Longer Available New On Vinyl

Side #1

  1. Bottom Of The Mountain
  2. You Beat All I Ever Saw
  3. Put The Sugar To Bed
  4. Blues For Two
  5. Girl In Saskatoon
  6. Time And Time Again
  7. Jeri And Nina's Melody

Side #2

  1. Honky Tonk Girl
  2. Locomotive Man
  3. Bandana
  4. Second Honeymoon
  5. I'll Remember You
  6. Wabash Blues
  7. Lorena
  8. Roll Call


Tall Man

JcTallMenWhite.jpg (11617 bytes)

LP Vinyl - Bear Family  BFX -15033
No Longer Available New On Viny

Side #1

  1. Tall Men
  2. Foolish Question
  3. Pick A Bale O, Of Cotton
  4. I Tremble For You
  5. Besser So Jenny - Joe
  6. Kleine Rosemarie

Side #2

  1. My Old Faded Rose
  2. Rodeo Hand
  3. The Sound Of Laughter
  4. Hammer And Nails ( Statler Brother's )
  5. Engine 143
  6. On The Line


Johnny & June

JC coke web1.jpg (12917 bytes)

LP Vinyl - Bear Family  BFX - 15030
No Longer Available New On

Side #1

  1. The Baby Is Mine
  2. Cotton Pickin Hands
  3. Close The Door Lightly
  4. That's What It Like To Be Lonely
  5. Thunder Ball

Side #2

  1. One To Many Mornings
  2. How Did You Get Away From Me
  3. Adios Aloha
  4. Wer Kennt Den Weg ( I Walk The Line )

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The Unissued Johnny Cash

JcUnssuedWhite.jpg (10448 bytes)

LP Vinyl - Bear Family 
No Longer Available New On Viny

New !! Liner Notes Below !!!

Side #1

  1. Mama's Baby
  2. Fools Hall Of  Fame
  3. Walkin The Blues
  4. Cold Shoulder
  5. Viel Zu SPat
  6. Wo Ist Zu Hause Mama

Side #2

  1. The Fable Of Willie Brown
  2. The Losing Kind
  3. So Do I
  4. Shamrock Doesn't Grow In California
  5. The Danger Zone
  6. I'll Be All Smiles Tonight

In 1958 Johnny Cash moved from Sun records to Columbia and ironically, had his biggest hits for … Ballad Of A Teenaged Queen and Guess Things Happen That Way. Both songs reached the Number One position in the charts. Prior to that time he had a number of songs in the top ten…. I Walk The Line and So Doggone Lonesome in 1956; Home Of The Blues, Next In Line and Train Of Love in 1957; and You’re The Nearest Thing To Heaven in 1958.

His first two sessions for Columbia (July 24 and August 8, 1958) included What Do I Care and All Over Again – Both of which made the Top Ten. But three songs remained unussued from the second session Mama’s Baby, Fools Hall Of Fame, and Walkin The Blues, and  these titles are included here. The next session (August 13, 1958) produced, among, others his first Number One Hit for Columbia label in 1959 – Don’t Take Your Guns To Town. It is from this session that we took Cold Shoulder. During the year of 1959 he had three more songs in the top ten …. Luther Played The Boogie on Sun, and I Got Stripes on Columbia. The latter song is a re-write of the old chain-gang song Lord, It’s All, Almost Gone, better known from leadbelly as On A Monday. I Got Stripes was recorded on March 12, 1959 together with Five Feet High And Rising a story which comes out of a childhood experience of the young Johnny Cash

Meanwhile, in Germany both Don’t Take Your Guns To Town Son and the German version Leg Knarre Weg by Udo Jurgens were quite successful, so Columbia decided to record Johnny Cash in the German language. On the 25th of October 1959 he recorded I Got Stripes as Viel Zu Spat and Five Feet High And Rising as Wo Ist Zuhause, Mama. These two songs must have been the first attempt of a country singer to record in a foreign language.

Later, Cash recorded Ring Of Fire in Spanish, and then New York (after his appearance at the Newport Folk Festival) he recorded Wer Kennt Den Weg ( I walk The Line ) Kleine Rosmarie, In Virginia and Besser So, Jenny-Joe despite the rumor to the contrary, only the latter four german language recordings were released.

On February 16, 1960 Johnny Cash recorded Fable Of Willie Brown, which remained, like all others on this LP, unissued until now. It was at this same two day session that the Top Ten hit Season Of My Heart was recorded. On May 9th of that same year he cut The Losing Kind, a title which also remained in Columbia archives until now.

So Do I was recorded at the same session as Tennessee Flat Top Box on July 19, 1961 Shamrock Doesn’t Grow In California was recorded together with the famous Bonanza on April 23, 1962. A few months later, on June 8, 1962 he recorded The Danger Zone, and on August 22,  of that same year I’ll Be All Smiles Tonight a song which did not fit well with the Blood Sweat And Tears album sessions.

Altogether there are 12 titles of rare unissued Johnny Cash material included in this album. We have put a lot of effort into it and we hope that you enjoy what is in the truest sense a Real Collector’s Item       

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Johnny Cash Inside A Swedish Prison

LP Bear Family - No Longer Available New On Vinyl 

Track List Side #1

  1. Orleans Parish Prison
  2. Jacob Green
  3. Me And Bobby McGee 
  4. The Prisoner's Song 
  5. The Invertebrates   ( Poem Read By Johnny Cassh)
  6. That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine

Track List Side #2

  1. City Jail
  2. Life Of A Prisoner 
  3. Looking Back In Anger ( Song Written By Glen Sherley ) 
  4. Nobody Cared
  5. Help Me Make It Through The Night 
  6. I Saw A Man

The Invertebrates - Poem 

Some men spend a lifetime in the hope they can devise

A chart which will an able man then someday analyze

The wretched men who stumble, then somehow cannot arise

They’ll pay one man to draw the chart, another to declare

What secret signs are in the lines, but do they really care

That one is long and one is short and one line is not there

For charts or abstract documents that cannot have a soul

They cannot tell why this man fell and that one reached his goal

Nor can they tell why some rebel and lose all self-control

I think a thousand years from now, as it was long ago

Two roads will be for all to see, but which way will man go?

Will he arise toward the skies to reach for some new plateau?

Will he devise a brave new world, a world thus far unknown?

Will he plow under all the seeds of greed and hate he sewn?

Or will he steal the very field he plants his hopes upon?

As long as there are two such roads a man can look upon

As long as some men linger deep within the twilight zone

The weak will always take the road that leads to wall of stone

There should be made a stone blockade torn from the prison stone

And make a wall across all roads man should not walk upon

And let the seeds of bitter weeds grow till that road is gone

Then those who sit in higher power, those who hold the might

Could then direct the hordes of men on to the way that’s right

And then the men who draw the charts would also see the light

(Johnny Cash – C.A. Johnson – Gordon D. Dillingham)

There's A Little Bit Of Criminal In All Of Us. Everybody's Done Something They Don't Want Anybody To Know About 
Johnny Cash 

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All In The Family

JCAllInFamilyCDWeb1.jpg (16246 bytes)

Bear Family CD ID # 1308300

Track List

  1. Losin You  ( June Carter Cash )
  2. The Shadow Of A Lady  ( June Carter Cash )
  3. Gatsby's Restaurant ( June Carter Cash )
  4. Once Before I Die ( June Carter Cash & Jerry Hensley)
  5. The L&N Don't Stop Her Anymore ( June Carter Cash )
  6. East Virginia Blues ( June Carter Cash )
  7. Gone ( June Carter Cash )
  8. Appalachian Pride ( June Carter Cash )
  9. I Love you Sweetheart (June Carter Cash )
  10. Another Broken Hearted Girl ( June Carter Cash )
  11. Big Balls In Nashville ( June Carter Cash )
  12. Nasty Dan ( Johnny Cash )
  13. One And One Makes Two ( Johnny Cash )
  14. I Gotta Boy (And His Name Is John ) Johnny & June Carter Cash )
  15. Little Magic Glasses ( Johnny Cash )
  16. Miss Tara ( Johnny Cash
  17. Dinosaur Song ( Johnny Cash )
  18. Tigar Whitehead  ( Johnny Cash )
  19. Call Of The Wild ( Johnny Cash)
  20. Little Green Fountain ( June Carter Cash & Rosey Nix )
  21. Old Shep ( Johnny Cash )
  22. The Timber Man ( Johnny Cash )
  23. The Mystery Of Number Five ( Johnny Cash )
  24. Ben Dewberry's Final Run ( Johnny Cash )
  25. Grandfather's Clock ( Johnny Cash )
  26. Abacid ( Johnny Cash )
  27. Why Is A Fire Engine Red ( Johnny Cash )
  28. The Very Biggest Circus Of Them All ( Johnny Cash )

Bear Family Album Comments

Just recently, June Carter issued a well-received solo album, her first in a long time. As she explains in interviews, she has spent the last few years looking after her husband, Johnny Cash. June’s last great solo album was ‘Appalachian Pride’, dating from 1976, now reissued by Bear Family.

Despite the fact that she grew up on the road with her famous mother, Maybelle, June has always been intensely proud of her family’s roots in Appalachia. That was never more evident than on these recordings where she lends her personal stamp to songs like East Virginia Blues, Another Broken Hearted Girl and Big Balls In Nashville.

‘Appalachian Pride’ has been rounded out with Johnny Cash’s children album, ‘The Johnny Cash Children Album’ on which Johnny (with some help of his family: June Carter Cash and Rosey Nix) makes music for everyone’s family. The titles include: I Gotta Boy (And His Name Is John) (& JUNE CARTER CASH); Little Green Fountain (& JUNE CARTER CASH & ROSEY NIX), The Mystery Of Number Five and Ben Dewberry’s Final Run. Here’s a rarely heard side of Johnny Cash. The Man in Black lightens up!


Revised: September 03, 2007



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