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  • Misc Labels #5 

American Recordings     Push        

Page Index

  1. The Ballad Of Ira  Hayes 
  2. B.C. Good pasture Christian School
  3. Johnny Cash - Ring Of Fire 
  4. Johnny Cash & Bob Dylan The Nashville Sessions
  5. Johnny Cash At Madison Square Garden
  6. Johnny Cash Live Recordings At The Louisiana Hayride
  7. Vol. #1 Johnny Cash Heroes & Friends 
  8. Vol. #2 Johnny Cash Heroes & Friends 
  9. Vol. #3 Johnny Cash Heroes & Friends 
  10. Vol. #4 Johnny Cash Heroes & Friends 
  11. Johnny Cash 3 CD Set Ring Of Fire
  12. Johnny Cash It Takes One To Know One
  13. The Essential Johnny Cash
  14. Country Legends 

The Ballad Of Ira Hayes

CD Sony 

Track List 

  1. Big River 
  2. There You Go 
  3. I got A Woman 
  4. I Walk The Line 
  5. Hey Porter 
  6. Goodbye Little Darling 
  7. Big River #2
  8. Ballad Of The Harp Weaver 
  9. Luther Played The Boogie 
  10. Pickin Time 
  11. Cry, Cry, Cry,
  12. The Ballad Of Ira Hayes
  13. I Got Strips 
  14. Five Feet High And Rising 

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B.C. Good pasture Christian School

Johnny Cash Sings With 
B.C. Good Pasture Christian School

Track List 

  1. American Trilogy 
  2. Will The Circle Be Unbroken 
  3. Daddy Sang Bass 
  4. Everything is Beautiful 
  5. Gospel John - Country Road ( Instrumental ) 
  6. Amazing Grace 
  7. The Sweet By And By 
  8. When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder 
  9. Precious Memories 
  10. Old Rugged Cross 
  11. Rock Of Ages

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Johnny Cash - Ring Of Fire 

CD MSI Recordings Released Date 8/21/98 
Still Available 

Track List 

  1. Ring Of Fire 

  2. Thing Called Love 

  3. I Walk The Line 

  4. Long Black Veil

  5. Cat's In The Cradle 

  6. As Long As I Live 

  7. Way Of A Woman In Love 

  8. Night Hank Williams Came To Town

  9. Folsom Prison Blues

  10. Five Feet High And Rising 

  11. Mystery Of Life 

  12. That's One You Owe Me 

  13. Supper Time 

  14. Family Bible 

  15. Sixteen Tons 

  16. Peace In The Valley 

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Johnny Cash & Bob Dylan The Nashville Sessions

      Bob Dylan recorded three times with Johnny Cash in Nashville first of all. During Dylan’s recording of the Nashville Skyline Album Cash just walked in and together they recorded “Girl From The North County” later they did a few more 12 of those songs are on this album, secondly, Dylan recorded 3 songs for the Johnny Cash Show on the first of May – broadcast 7th of June 1969 – and rejected by BBC. And at least, he recorded during this period 8 songs for his “Sellportrait” “Blue Moon” “Let It Be Me” “Ring Of Fire” “Take A Message To Mary” “living The Blues” “I’ve Forgot More Then You Ever Know” and “Take Me As I Am”  - six of those survived on the and perhaps others were recorded and rejected by Dylan, but kindly published by CBS on the Dylan album

Track List 

  1. One Too Many Mornings 

  2. Good Old Mountain Dew

  3. I Still Miss Someone

  4. Careless Love 

  5. Matchbox

  6. Big River 

  7. That's Allright Mama 

  8. I Walk The Line 

  9. You Are My Sunshine

  10. Ring Of Fire 

  11. Guess Things Happen That Way

  12. "T" For Texas #1 

  13. "T" For Texas #2

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Johnny Cash At Madison Square Garden


Originally Recorded In 1969, At Madison Square Garden Has Been Previously Unreleased. Now Available on CD.

Seven years after a disastrous performance at New York's Carnegie Hall, The Johnny Cash Show wowed Madison Square Garden, playing to more then 21,000 fans. Oddly Enough, although the show received rave reviews, Sony only released the live performance recording Thirty-Three years later, in 2002 to Celebrate Johnny's 70th Birthday 

Track List 

  1. Big River 

  2. I Still Miss Someone 

  3. Five Foot High And Rising 

  4. Pickin Time

  5. Remember The Alamo

  6. Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream

  7. Wreck Of The Old 97

  8. The Wall

  9. Send A Picture Of Mother 

  10. Folsom Prison Blues

  11. Blue Suede Shoes

  12. Flowers On The Wall

  13. Wildwood Flowers

  14. Worried Man

  15. Boy Named Sue

  16. Jesus Was A Carpenter 

  17. Ballad Of Ira Hayes

  18. As Long As The Grass Shall Grow

  19. Sing A Traveling Song

  20.  He Turned The Water Into Wine

  21. Were You There (When They Crucified My Lord)

  22. Daddy Sang Bass

      Final Medley - Do What You Do Best / I Walk The Line / Ring Of Fire / Folsom Prison Blues / Rebel, Johnny Cash / Folsom Prison Blues / Suppertime

It was a magic night! The air was electric and felt good. The audience responded beautifully 
Johnny Cash 

When Johnny Cash played a packed   Madison  Square  Garden  in December 1969, he was at the top of his game. With a hit TV show, a #1 album and the top two country songs of the year “Daddy Sang Bass” and “A Boy Named Sue” under his belt, he drew an audience as diverse as his material. Backed by his Tennessee Three and showcasing performances by guitarist/rockabilly legend Carl Perkins, Maybelle Carter and the Carter Sisters (with June notably absent, at home expecting their first child), the Statler Brothers, and brother Tommy Cash played his hits – including the aforementioned smashes of 1969 “Big River” and “Folsom Prison Blues” as well as songs that touched on such themes as his Arkansas childhood “Five Feet High And Rising” dedicated to his father Roy Cash, who was in the front row and the conflict in Vietnam ?Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream” never before available, this live concert recording which also includes Cash’s between-song comments to the audience, is a must-have for every Cash Fan.         

December 5, 1969 Johnny Cash Show Madison Square Garden Orchestra  Ticket.

Cash TV Promo CD

Released 2005

Track List 

1. Cry! Cry! Cry!
2. Hey Porter
3. Folsom Prison Blues
4. I Walk The Line
5. Get Rhythm
6. Big River
7. Guess Things Happen That Way
8. Ring Of Fire
9. Jackson - (with June Carter)
10. Boy Named Sue, A - (live)
11. Sunday Morning Coming Down
12. Man In Black
13. One Piece At A Time
14. Highwayman - (with Waylon Jennings/Kris Kristofferson)
15. Wanderer, The - (with U2)
16. Delia's Gone
17. Rusty Cage
18. I've Been Everywhere
19. Give My Love To You
20. Man Comes Around, The - (early take)
21. Hurt

Johnny Cash Live Recordings At The Louisiana Hayride

Newly Released On CD Leena label # 270506-2

Track List 

  1. Hey Porter 
  2. Luther Played The Boogie 
  3. So Doggone Lonesome
  4. I Walk The Line 
  5. Give My Love To Rose 
  6. Goodbye Little Darlin
  7. Rock Island 
  8. Big River 
  9. Five Feet High And Rising 
  10. Guess Things Happen That Way
  11. I Got Strips 
  12. Folsom Prison Blues 
  13. When I've Learned 
  14. Ballad Of The Harp weaver 
  15. The Rebel - Johnny Yuma 
  16. Busted 
  17. Bonus Track - Southern Maid Doughnuts Commercial 

Cash made his Hayride debut on November 13, 1955. though Cash and the Tennessee Two had only been performing in front of paying audiences for a few weeks at that point, he sounds confident and loose – if a little breathless – “Hey Porter” (the B side of his first single) “Luther Played The Boogie” Cash’s tribute to his lead guitarist, Luther Perkins. “Luther Played The Boogie” would be eventually be released as a Sun single in 1959.

Cash was an immediate hit with Hayride audiences, and he became a hugely popular cast regular for the next seven months. During his May 12, 1956 appearance he performed “So Doggone Lonesome” a recent #4 country hit. A month later, Cash performed his breakthrough hit, “I Walk The Line” which ultimately became his first national #1. It had been on the charts just a couple of weeks when Cash preformed it on the Hayride. It  was a fitting place to play it; Cash himself has said that he wrote the song on tour that night after his very first Hayride appearance.    


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The Essential Johnny Cash

                   The Essential Johnny Cash  Catalog #: 86290
Johnny Cash 
Release Date: Feb 12, 2002
Original release year: 2002
Label: Legacy Recordings
Guest Artists: Willie Nelson; Bob Dylan; Kris Kristofferson; U2; Waylon Jennings; Marty 
Robbins; June Carter Cash
Studio/Live: Studio
Pieces in Set: 2

Track Listings: Disc #1
Title Sample (30 sec) 
1. Hey Porter 
2. Cry, Cry, Cry 
3. I Walk The Line 
4. Get Rhythm 
5. There You Go 
6. Ballad Of A Teenage Queen 
7. Big River 
8. Guess Things Happen That Way 
9. All Over Again 
10. Don't Take Your Guns To Town 
11. Five Feet High And Rising 
12. Rebel Johnny Yuma, The 
13. Tennessee Flat Top Box 
14. I Still Miss Someone 
15. Ring Of Fire 
16. Ballad Of Ira Hayes, The 
17. Orange Blossom Special - (with Charlie McCoy/Boots Randolph/The Carter Family) 
18. Were You There (When They Crucified My Lord) - (with The Carter Family) 

Track Listings: Disc #2
1. It Ain't Me, Babe - (with June Carter Cash) 
2. One On The Right Is On The Left, The 
3. Jackson - (with June Carter Cash) 
4. Folsom Prison Blues - (live) 
5. Daddy Sang Bass 
6. Girl From The North Country - (with Bob Dylan) 
7. Boy Named Sue, A - (live) 
8. If I Were A Carpenter - (with June Carter Cash) 
9. Sunday Morning Coming Down 
10. Flesh And Blood 
11. Man In Black 
12. Ragged Old Flag 
13. One Piece At A Time 
14. Riders In The Sky, (Ghost) 
15. Song Of The Patriot - (with Marty Robbins) 
16. Highwayman - (with Willie Nelson/Waylon Jennings/Kris Kristofferson) 
17. Night Hank Williams Came To Town, The - (with Waylon Jennings) 
18. Wanderer, The - (with U2) 

In the past, if you wanted a Johnny Cash compilation, you were basically confined by licensing 
issues, as Cash's seminal Sun recordings weren't generally available in the same place as his 
more eclectic Columbia output. THE ESSENTIAL JOHNNY CASH solves that problem, tying together 
the various eras of Cash's career on a generous 35-track, two-disc set. Accordingly, this 
anthology is damn near definitive. From the raw, sparse rockabilly flavor of "Hey Porter" and 
"Get Rhythm" to the gospel roots of "Where You There (When They Crucified My Lord," the first 
disc moves neatly through Cash's early career.

Disc two documents Cash's expansion into ever more varied stylistic avenues. Countrified 
covers of Bob Dylan ("It Ain't Me Babe") and Tim Hardin ("If I Were a Carpenter") exemplify 
his fascination with folk-rock. The socially conscious "Man in Black" and the patriotic 
"Ragged Old Flag" perfectly display the ostensibly conflicting sides of this complex artist's 
sensibilities. Album-closer "The Wanderer" finds Cash collaborating with U2, filling his role 
as icon to a whole new generation of artists.

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Vol #1 Johnny Cash Heroes & Friends 

CD Rarities Label 
Availability In Question  

Track List 

  1. The Good Bad And The Two Cookie Kid 

  2. Amazing Grace (With Joanne Yates)

  3. I Shall Be Free

  4. Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine (With Tommy Cash)

  5. What Good For You (Should Be OK With Me)

  6. Forever Young

  7. The Death Of Me (With Levon Helm)

  8. The Human Condition (With Willie Nelson)

  9. The Battle Of Nashville

  10. Get Rythm (With Martin Delray)

  11. Crazy Old Soldiers (With Ray Charles)

  12. Suffer Little Children (With Glen Campbell)

  13. Give Back My Job (With Carl Perkins, Bono, Willie Nelson, Tom Petty

  14. The Love That Never Failed 

  15. Love Me Tender (With Julie Andrews)

  16. Didn't It Rain

  17. I Still Miss Someone (With Earl Scruggs)

  18. Better Class Of People (With John Schneider, Waylon Jenning)

  19. Jealous Loving Heart (With Ernest Tubb)

  20. Doin My Time (With Marty Stuart)

  21. Wood Carver (With Sandy Kelly)

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Vol #2 Johnny Cash Heroes & Friends 

CD Rarities Label 
Availability In Question  

Track List 

  1. Steel Guitar Rag

  2. I Will Dance With You 

  3. Thoughts Of The Flag 

  4. In Your Mind 

  5. Where The Soul Never Dies 

  6. Little Bit Of Yesterday 

  7. Hey Porter 

  8. Song Of Woody

  9. Six Gun Shooting 

  10. Go On Blues 

  11. That's How I Got To Memphis

  12. He Touched Me 

  13. Blistered 

  14. Let America Be America Again

  15. My Ship Will Sail

  16. They Killed Him

  17. The General Lee 

  18.  Folsom Prison Blues 

  19. I Still Miss Someone

  20. Girl From North County 

  21. I Will Rock With You 

  22. Veteran's Day 

  23. Jordan

  24. A Front Row Seat To Hear Old Johnny Cash 

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Vol #3 Johnny Cash Heroes & Friends 

CD Rarities Label 
Availability In Question  

Track List 

  1. Man In Black (With One Bad Pig)

  2. Will The Circle Be Unbroken (With Roy Acuff & Nitty Gritty Dirt Band) 

  3. The Ballad Of Barbara Allen 

  4. Five Feet High And Rising (With Buff)

  5. Old Chunk Of Coal 

  6. The Ten Commandments Of Love (With David Allen Cole)

  7. Guess Things Happen That Way (With Tommy Cash)

  8. I'll Have A New Life 

  9. Three Bells

  10. Go Wild  (With Carlene Carter)

  11. Get In Line Brother (With Marty Stuart)

  12. The World Needs A Melody (With The Carter Family)

  13. Hey Porter (With Earl Scruggs)

  14. The Little Drummer Boy (With Neil Young)

  15. Get Rhythm (With John Stewart)

  16. No Earthly Good

  17. Soldier's Last Letter (With Ernest Tubb)

  18. Two Old Army Pals (With Carl Perkins)

  19. Mother Maybelle (With Marty Stuart)

  20. Mister Garfield (With Merle Kilgore & Friends)

  21. Man In White 

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Vol #4 Johnny Cash Heroes & Friends 

CD Rarities Label 
Availability In Question  

Track List 

  1. Johnny Cash hit Medley (With Tom Astor)

  2. Tennessee Stub (With Michael  Martin Murphy)

  3. My Ship Will Sail (With Earl; Scruggs)

  4. I Will Dance With You 

  5. Help Me Make It Thought The night (With June Carter )

  6. One More Ride (With Marty Stuart)

  7. Help Him Jesus

  8. Ring Of Fire (With Sandy Kelly)

  9. The Long Black Veil (With Razzy Bailey)

  10. Nasty Dan (With Oscar The Crouch )

  11. Time Of The Preacher 

  12. Little Mocking Bird (With Cindy Cash)

  13. Be Careful Who You Love (With Waylon Jennings 

  14. The Devil Comes Back To Georgia (With Mark O Conner, Charlie Daniels, Travis Tritt   

  15. Way Worn Traveler 

  16. The Winding Stream (With Carlene Carter)

  17. Life's Railway To Heaven 

  18. Waiting For Southern Train (With Jammy Tittle

  19. Gospel Ship (With Joan Baez & Earl Scrugg's Revival

  20. When He Comes (With Joanna Cash Gates)

  21. The Wander (With U-2) 

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Johnny Cash 3CD Set - Ring Of Fire 

CD Goldie's Label GLO 25345
Newly released 

CD#1 Track List Recorded Live 

  1. Folsom Prison Blues 

  2. These Hands

  3. Peace In The Valley

  4. Rock Island 

  5. The Wall

  6. I Still Miss Someone

  7. Ring Of Fire

  8. Sunday Morning Coming Down

  9. Highwayman

  10. Big River 

  11. I Got Strips

  12. Get Rhythm

CD#2 Track List Recorded Live 

  1. Sixteen tons

  2. A Boy Named Sue

  3. Help 

  4. City Of New Orleans 

  5. The Long Black Veil 

  6. Jackson

  7. If I Were A Carpenter 

  8. Orange Blossom Special 

Broadcast Recordings

  1. Big River 

  2. There You Go

  3. I Got A Woman

  4. Impersonations 

CD#3 Track List Recorded Live 

Broadcast Recordings 

  1. I Walk The Line 

  2. Hey, Porter 

  3. Goodbye Little Darlin

  4. Big River #2

  5. Bandana 

  6. Ballad Of The Harp Weaver 

  7. Luther Played The Boogie 

  8. Pickin Time 

  9. Cry Cry Cry 

  10. The Ballad Of Ira Hayes

  11. I Got Strips 

  12. Five Feet High And Rising 

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Johnny Cash It Takes One To Know One

45 Vinyl Promotional  Only - Not For Sale 

  1. Hey Porter 2:12 JR Cash
    Recorded May 1955 TN Produced By Sam Phillips
    Released As Sun #221

  2. It Takes One To Know Me
    February 8, 1977 Hendersonville TN
    String Records March 4, 1977
    Original Sessions Produced By Charlie Bragg And Jack Rough, Additional Recording November 2004; Produced By John Carter Cash Guest Vocal Carter - Previously Unreleased  

Also Coming Soon !

Johnny Cash Personal File 
2-CD Set Of Previously Unreleased Acoustic Recordings From The House Of Cash Tape Vault 

Johnny Cash At San Quentin DVD
Original 1969 Concert Documentary On DVD For The First Time

The Best Of Johnny Cash Show DVD
2-DVD Set Of Clips From Johnny's 1969 - 1971 ABC TV Shows

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Country Legends 

CD & DVD - Program Two CD Set

Johnny Cash – Country Legends presents the life and times of Johnny Cash. Recently, fans worldwide mourned the loss of one of the greatest talents and one of the most recognizable voices in al music producer. Bible scholar, and singer/songwriter, Cash had an impressive career, including 1500 record songs and 11 Grammy’s, including the coveted lifetime Achievement Award 1999. But his life was not with out hardship. This edition of Country Legends looks at his triumphs and tribulations – through the eves of fellow musicians, producers, and fans – that made Cash one of the most respect stars of all time.

Track List

  1. Ballad Of A Teenage Queen
  2. Folsom Prison Blues
  3. I Walk The Line
  4. Wreck Of Old 97
  5. Get Rhythm
  6. Home Of The Blues
  7. Come In Stranger
  8. Straight A’s In Love
  9. Next in Line
  10. It’s Just About The Time
  11. The Ways Of A Woman In Love
  12. There You Go
  13. Big River
  14. Guess Things Happen That Way

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