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  • Misc Labels #4

Page Index

  1. Crazy Country Johnny Cash
  2. Born To Lose
  3. Greatest hits Of Johnny Cash
  4. Johnny Cash Live And On The Air
  5. Two Classic Albums From Johnny 
  6. Love - Johnny Cash's New CD
  7. God - Johnny  Cash's New CD 
  8. Murder - Johnny Cash's New CD 
  9. Johnny Cash Folsom Prison Blues 
  10. Love
  11. God 
  12. Murder
  13. Life 

Crazy Country Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash Chicken In Black

CD Sony Music A-28791

Track List

  1. A Boy Named Sue
  2. Everybody Loves A Nut
  3. Flushed From The Bathroom Of Your Heart
  4. Smiling Bill McCall
  5. One Piece At A Time
  6. The One On The Right Is On The Left
  7. Oney
  8. Boa Constrictor
  9. Look At Them Beans
  10. The Chicken In Black

Johnny Cash Plays Part Of The Chicken In Black 
For His Song Chicken In Black. 
Available On The Above CD Crazy Country

It has been told to me that the “Chicken In Black” video was shot downtown Nashville; Johnny Cash, said about the song that it was his way of revenge to Mercury for the fact that the company didn't care about marketing Johnny Cash’s material that had he recorded for Mercury.

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Born To Lose

JcBornToLose.jpg (11385 bytes)

LP - Instant - Vinyl
No Longer Available New

Side #1

  1. I Walk The Line
  2. Ballad Of A Teenage Queen
  3. Big River
  4. Wreck Of Old 97
  5. Born To Lose
  6. Give My Love To Rose

Side #2

  1. Folsom Prison Blues
  2. Rock Inland Line
  3. Luther Played The Boogie
  4. Straight A's In Love
  5. Get Rhythm
  6. Next In Line
  7. You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven

Written By Johnny Cash, while Johnny Cash was an Air Force recruit " "I Walk The Line" was composed as a pledge of devotion to his wife, Vivian, Cash originally cut it as slow ballad, but, to appease his producer, Sam Phillips, he later redid the song faster clip, closer to "Folsom Prison Blues" Which he'd recorded earlier. It was the second version that was re;eased in 1956, becoming Cash's first pop hit and a million-selling country smash.

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Greatest Hits Of Johnny Cash

JcGreatistHits2000.jpg (11149 bytes)

CD Platinum Vol #2 - 14992

Track List

  1. I Walk The Line
  2. There You Go
  3. Guess Things Happen That Way
  4. The Wreck Of The Old 97
  5. Home Of The Blues
  6. Big River
  7. Luther's Boogie
  8. Katy Too
  9. Train Of Love
  10. Give My Love To Rose

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Johnny Cash Live And On The Air

JcLiveOnAirCD.jpg (9518 bytes)

Available On Two CD Set

Track List

  1. Folsom Prison Blues
  2. These Hands
  3. Peace In The Valley
  4. Rock Inland Line
  5. The Wall
  6. I Still Miss Someone
  7. Ring Of Fire
  8. Sunday Morning Coming Down
  9. Highwayman
  10. Big River
  11. I Got Strips
  12. Get Rhythm
  13. Sixteen Tons
  14. Boy Named Sue
  15. Help Me
  16. City Of New Orleans
  17. The Long Black Veil
  18. Jackson
  19. If I Were A Carpenter
  20. Orange Blossom Special
  21. There You Go
  22. I Got A Woman
  23. I Walk The Line
  24. ( Impersanations )
  25. Hey Porter
  26. Big River # 2
  27. Good By Little Darlin
  28. Bandana
  29. Ballad Of The Harper Weaver
  30. Luther Played The Boogie
  31. Cry Cry Cry
  32. The Ballad Of Ira Hayes
  33. Five Feet High And Rising

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Two Classic Albums From Johnny Cash

JcFabulos&SongSoulsCD.jpg (16341 bytes)

Two CD Set Columbia  494896-2
The Fabulous Johnny Cash
Songs Of Our Soil

Track List  CD #1

  1. Run Softly Blue River
  2. Frankie's Man Johnny
  3. That's All Over
  4. the Troubadour
  5. One More Ride
  6. that's Enough
  7. I Still Miss Someone
  8. don't Take Your Guns To Town
  9. I'd Rather Die Young
  10. Pickin Time
  11. Shepherd Of My Heart
  12. Supper Time

Track list CD #2

  1. Drink To Me
  2. Five Feet High And Rising
  3. The Man On The Hill
  4. Hank And Joe And Me
  5. Clementine
  6. The Great Speckled Bird
  7. I Want To Go Home Home
  8. Old Apache Squaw
  9. Don't Step On Mother's Roses
  10. My Grandfathers Clock
  11. The Caretaker
  12. It Could Be You ( Instead Of Him )

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Cash Does What He Does Best, Be Cash
Article Below

Johnny Cash's New CD 
Release Date May 23, 2000

Track List Disc #1

  1. I Walk The line 

  2. Oh, What A Dream 

  3. All Over Again

  4. Little At A Time 

  5. My Old Faded Rose 

  6. Happiness Is You 

  7. Flesh And Blood 

  8. I Tremble For You 

  9. I Feel Better All Over 

  10. Cause I Love You 

  11. Ballad Of Barbara 

  12. Ring Of Fire 

  13. My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You 

  14. While I've Got You On My Mind 

  15. I Still Miss Someone 

  16. The One Rose ( The Left In My Heart ) (Mono) 


Coping with love is every bit as perilous as defying the lord. “I Walk The line” one of his first and most famous hits, a celebration of romance, but mostly it’s about a guy willing himself to fidelity. Cash wrote it while on the road in Texas, trying to steer clear of temptation. “I Keep a Close Watch On this Heart Of mine” / “I Keep My Eyes Wide Open All The Time” He sings.

“Ring Of Fire” a 1963 country tune festooned with Spanish horns, cast love as a variation of Hell. The lesser-known but equally haunting “A little At A Time” a B side from 1962, finds Cash pleading with a girl friend to break up with him in manageable increments: “walk Away Slow Like You Don’t Want To” / “I’ll Put Up A Fight But I’ll Be Alright” / “If You stop Loving Me A Little At A Time.” On the solo acoustic “I tremble For You” a previously unreleased track from 1967, Cash plays a suitor worn out by an unsuccessful pursuit, a guy who treats “Shame Like An Old Friend From Home that I Can Lean On.”

Fitting, the only false notes to found in these 48 songs are the upbeat ones. “While I’ve Got You On My Mind,” Cash is home watching a ballgame, feeling fine and suddenly frisky. His wife, cooking blackberry jam in the kitchen, is about to learn the meaning of afternoon delight. In the song, there is only one thing on Cash’s mind. Which just isn’t his style. 

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Cash Does What He Does Best, Be Cash
Article Below

Track List Disc #2

Johnny Cash's New CD 
Release Date May 23, 2000

  1. What On Earth Will You Do ( For Heaven Sakes ) 

  2. My God Is Real 

  3. It Was Jesus ( Who Was It )

  4. Why Me Lord (Mono)

  5. The Greatest Cowboy Of Them All 

  6. Redemption (Mono)

  7. The Great Speckled Bird

  8. The Old Account

  9. Swing Low Sweet Chariot 

  10. When He Comes 

  11. Kneeling Drunkard's Plea

  12. Were You There ( When They Crucified My Lord )

  13. Man In White

  14. Belshazzar 

  15. Oh' Bury Me Not On ( Introduction:) A Cowboys Prayer 

  16. Oh Come, Angel Band


Cash started his career as a country singer in 1955 with Sun Records but quit the Memphis label a few years later. Cash wanted to record gospel songs, Sam Phillips, Sun’s founder didn’t think they would make any money. That wasn’t the biggest business error Phillips made – he’s the guy who sold Elvis Presley’s contract, after all – but it was up there. Cash signed with Columbia and cut dozens of best-selling gospel songs, most coated with a fine rockabilly lacquer. The songs exalt Jesus ( It Was Jesus ) ( When He Comes ) or tell Bible Stories ( Belshazzer ). And there’s plenty of talk about consequences on. (What On Earth Will You Do), “For Heaven Sakes”. Cash argues that anybody hoping to enter the pearly gates ought to be prepared for a little work in this world. (Did You Feed The Poor In Spirit And Befriend The Persecuted)? He asks. (Did You Show the Bound How All The Chains Can Break)? Only the gravity of Cash’s vocals rescues this dark portent from the tiny feel of a deathbed conversation. 

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Track List Disc #3

Johnny Cash's New CD 
Release Date May 23, 2000

  1. Folsom Prison Blues (Mono)

  2. Delia's Gone (Mono)  See Notes Below 

  3. Mister Garfield 

  4. Orleans Parish Prison ( Live )

  5. When It's Springtime In Alaska ( It's Forty Below )

  6. The Sound Of Laughter 

  7. Cocaine Blues ( Live )

  8. Hardin Wouldn't Won't Run (Mono)

  9. Long Black Veil 

  10. Austin Prison

  11. Joe Bean

  12. Going To Memphis 

  13. Don't Take Your Guns To Town

  14. Highway Patrolman

  15. Jacob Green 

  16. The Wall


Johnny Cash has never served hard time. Aside from a few overnights in local jail – most during his 60’s – era amphetamine addiction – he’s never been behind bars, and the only prisons he’s seen from the inside are the ones where he headlined as an entertainer. That’s always a shocks Cash’s fans many whom “refuse to except the  nonfelonious version of me” He write in “Cash” his autobiography which is  understandable. Anyone can claim, “He shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die” as Cash does on “Folsom Prison Blues.” But only the Man In Black owns a baritone steely and gothic enough to turn those words into a plausible confession. Never mind that his greatest real-life transgression was accidentally starting a forest fire on a        California wildlife refuge. This gift of all-purpose conviction gleams throughout “Love, God, Love,” a three-album retrospective Released May 23 2000. The concept here is divide Cash’s Career into a trinity of sorts, with a “Love” disc for his romantic side a “God” disc for his gospel career and a “Murder” CD containing hi greatest hits, so to speak. This isn’t a best-of collection, (If it were, “A Boy Named Sue” one of Cash’s cross over pop hits, would have been included.) it is instead a summation and a character study though the character it studies isn’t merely that of Johnny Cash. The singer is obsessed by the notion that heart of a man-and his antiheroes are always men-can be divided against itself: Capable of senseless criminality one moment and minute and philandering the next. The Killers in Cash’s are triggered-happy and erratic, and sometimes they think their victims had it coming because they were double-dealing or cruel or just in wrong place in the wrong time. But shooters buckle with guilt nearly as soon as a body hits the ground. They pray a lot. They realize they deserve to be lock up. “I know I had It coming” the narrator sings at the end of “Folsom” while listening to a passing train from prison cell. As filmmaker Quentin Tarantino states in liner notes the “Murder” disc it’s Cash’s focus on remorse that separates his crime sprees from those of the gangster rapper who, whether they realize it, owe a debt to country boy. Unlike DMX or Big Pun, Bravado for it’s own sake doesn’t interest Cash. He’s fascination by the aftermath of Bravado by moral agony and shame. His role in defining the thug life is most obvious in the pair of live albums he recorded during 60’s “At Folsom Prison” and “San Quentin” which are pro-inmate their core. Part pf this affinity is undoubtedly about image making and brand building, but it jibes perfectly with his deeply liberal notion that even the shabbiest souls are capable of regret and therefore deserve a shot at redemption. Which is at odds with Cash’s hip hop progeny, who always sell themselves as hard core and unsaved. That’s way rap, just beneath its asphalt surface, is music’s most conservative genre; it adores the idea that a criminal and thinking otherwise is stupid. And that’s way Cash deep humanity now seems a little dated; it’s directly at odds with today’s Toss-away-the-key approach to incarceration. On The “Murder” Cash also covers “Highway Patrolman” by Bruce Springsteen, one of Cash’s more obvious musical heirs. And there’s a live version of “Cocaine Blues” a classic about a guy who “shot his baby down” and then ran, without success, from the law 

Delia’s Gone

The song “Delia” or at least the early versions of the song, probably was heard in river towns along the Mississippi. Also the song was heard along the Missouri River towns during the 1840’s and the 1850’s. The original story tells that Delia was a hooker and her boyfriend became jealous and murdered her in a jealous rage. Some people condemn the song, as the song depicts violence. As Delia’s boyfriend spends time in jail for her murder, he goes through his own hell as he remembers her. During the era of this song's assurgency, hanging was the outcome of most murder trials, guilty or not. But down through the years the song was remembered as just a song and nothing more. Johnny Cash recorded the song “Delia’s Gone” twice, the first time on his 1962 LP “The Sound Of Johnny Cash.” Then again he recorded it on his 1994 album “Cash” on the American Records label.  


CD - Columbia - Legacy 

Track List 

  1. Super Time 

  2. Country Trash

  3. The Night hank Williams Came to Town 

  4. Time Changes Everything 

  5. I Talk To Jesus Everyday 

  6. You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven 

  7. I'm Ragged But I'm Right 

  8. These Are My People 

  9. The Ballad Of Ira Hayes

  10. Oney 

  11. Man In Black 

  12. I'm Alright 

  13. Ragged Old Flag 

  14. I Wish I Was Crazy Again 

  15. Where Did We Go Right 

  16. Wanted Man 

  17. I Can't Go On this Way 

  18. Lead Me  Gently Father 

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Johnny Cash Folsom Prison Blues 

LP /Hilltop Records JS-6114 ( Doctored Stereo )
No Longer Available New On Vinyl 

Track List 

  1. Folsom Prison Blues 

  2. The Ways Of A Woman In Love 

  3. Don't Make Me Go 

  4. Mean Eyed Cat 

  5. Sugartime

  6. You're The Nearest 

  7. You Tell Me 

  8. Just About The Time 

  9. Port Of Lonely Hearts 

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