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The Mercury Years

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   I Thought That These Five Albums Of Johnny Cash That He Recorded On The Mercury Label Was Some Of His Finest Songs Of His Career. On These Recordings He Sounded Like A New and Refreshed Johnny Cash, And Was Ready For Many Years Of Recording Ahead  Steven Menke

Johnny Cash Is Coming To Town

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Mercury CD  - 832-031-2 M 1    1987
 Re-Release 2003 Mercury CD 

Side #1

  1. The Big Light
  2. The Ballad Of Barbara
  3. I'd rather Have You
  4. Let Him Roll
  5. The The Night Hank Williams Came To Town
  6. Sixteen Tons
  7. Letters From Home
  8. W. Lee O'Daniel
  9. Heavy Metal
  10. My Ship Will Sail

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Boom Chicka Boom

Jc_BoomChickBoomWhiteWeb3.jpg (12545 bytes)

Mercury CD 842-155-2   1989
 Re-Release 2003 Mercury CD 

Side #1

  1. A Backstage Pass
  2. Cat's In The Cradle
  3. Farmer's Almanac
  4. Don't Go Near The Water
  5. Family Bible
  6. Harley
  7. I Love You, Love You
  8. Hidden Shame
  9. Monteagle Mountain
  10. That's One You Owe Me

Two solid miles of studios two A.M. they’re all aglow singers, pickers, record men, lacy ladies, saints and sin syrup, sugar, pepper, salt, a beat, a bounce, a little schmaltz would-be stars and over-the-hill hopeful, hopeless, won’t did and didn’t, do and don’t session pickers, master hands makin records for the fans. Think of how it used to be in Memphis Tennessee two and me. Timeless, tireless, night and day living just to sing and play listen to that first playback. Watch the faces of Sam and Jack “Well, sir, what do you think of it? “A stone smash” The first joy of my first success Overwhelmed and over blessed.

Just think, yes, just to know they’ll play it on the radio. Now, walking music city streets, I taste the some old after sweet. Enthusiastic Bobby Moore. Proud and fulfilled to the core, shouted out, “come gather round we have done it! That’s the sound” Eastern glow, fading stars forgot where I parked the car found it, drove home, want to sleep forgot my tape, it will keep. I won’t soon forget a song I’ve been singing all night long. This some scene repeated over eighteen, twenty times or more mixed and mastered, finally through. A record I’m proud of, for you. P.S. Thanks Mama.  Johnny Cash   

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Classic Cash

Mercury CD 834 526-2
This CD Is Still Available In Stores

Track List 

  1. Get Rhythm
  2. Tennessee Flat Top Box
  3. Long Back Veil
  4. Thing Called Love
  5. I Still Miss Someone
  6. Cry Cry Cry
  7. Blue Train
  8. Sunday Morning Coming Down
  9. Five Feet High And Rising
  10. Peace In The Valley
  11. Don't Take Your Guns To Town
  12. Home Of The Blues
  13. Guess Things Happen That Way
  14. I Got Stripes
  15. I Walk The Line
  16. Ring Of  Fire
  17. Ballad Of Ira Hayes
  18. The Ways Of A Woman In Love
  19. Folsom Prison Blues
  20. Supper Time

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Waters From The Wells Of Home

Mercury  CD 834 778-2    1988
This CD Is Still Available
Rebound Record Label  314 520 510-2
 Re-Release 2003 Mercury CD 

Side #1

  1. Ballad Of A Teenage Queen >With Rosanne Cash & Everly Bros
  2. As Long As I Live > With Emmylou Harris, Waylon & Jessi Colter 
  3. Where Did We Go Right > With June Carter Cash & Carter Family
  4. The Last Of The Drifters > With Tom T. Hall
  5. Call Me The Breeze > With John Carter Cash
  6. That Old wheel > With Hank Williams Jr.
  7. Sweeter Than The Flowers > With Waylon, Emmlou, & Jessie Colter 
  8. A Croft In Clachan > With Glen Campbell
  9. New Moon Over Jamaica > Tom T. Hall, JohnR Cash & Paul McCarteny
  10. Water From The Wells From Home > With John R Cash & John Carter Cash 

     Bonus Track : Johnny Cash Talks About "Water From The Wells Of Home" Interview  > Newly Re-Release CD Only 

Picwaterwellsjcweb1.jpg (10039 bytes)

Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Rosanne Cash

Johnny Cash, JohnCarterCash, Tom T Hall & Jack Clement

Johnny Cash, Roy Acuff, & Emmylou Harris

Waters From The Wells Of Home|

There's a stool along the road to freedom
Like a gipsy in a guilty cage
But rising has not always been bright
Destiny dreams are made

My days all run together
Like a timeless honeycomb
I find myself wishing I could drink again

Water from the wells of home
Water from the wells of home
Water from the wells of home

I've seen all your shining cities
Lean against the yellow sky
I've seen the down and out get better
I've seen many of strong men die

Well the troubled hearts in the worried men
Things that I've been showed
Keep me always returning to

Water from the wells of home
Water from the wells of home
Water from the wells of home

I hope and pray that we'll go back some day to the water from the wells of home
Lord take me back someday to the water from the wells of home
I want to go back some day to the water from the wells of home
I want to go back some day to the water from the wells of home
Lord take me back someday to the water from the wells of home

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The Mystery Of Life

Mercury CD 848 051-2   1991
Re-Release Mercury CD 2003 

Side #1

  1. The Greatest Cowboy Of Them All
  2. I'm An Easy Rider
  3. The Mystery Of Life
  4. Hey Porter
  5. Beans For Breakfast
  6. Goin By The Book
  7. Wanted Man
  8. I'll Go Somewhere And Sing My Songs Again
  9. The Hobo Song
  10. Angel And The Badman

    Bonus Track: The Wanderer > Only On The Newly Re-Release CD 

         Mystery Of Life Liner Notes By  - June Carter Cash

I can now classify myself as a Johnny Cash listener. I sat down to listen to “The Mystery Of Life” and I felt the same emotions that I felt years ago when I first met the man in 1956. The sound that makes him different the clean pure togetherness of this album comes through into your heart and soul and makes you a part of the man and his music. You find yourself wanting to know it “The Greatest Cowboy Of Them All” or to “Sing Your Song Again” and to laugh at the amusing side of him on his “Beans For Breakfast” The guitar, drums, bass and keyboard produce a pure sound, as the instrument complementing the voice gives the songs depth and meaning. I’ve loved Johnny Cash and his music through the years and love hin now. This is exciting album for you and me. June Cater Cash

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Wanted Man

Mercury CD 314-522 709-2
No Longer Available New 

Side #1

  1. The Night Hank Williams Came To Town
  2. Let Him Roll
  3. My Ship Will Sail
  4. That Old Wheel
  5. Ballad Of A Teenage Queen
  6. Beans For Breakfast
  7. Wanted Man
  8. The Greatest Cowboy Of All
  9. Goin By The Book
  10. I'll Go Somewhere And Sing My Songs Again

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Johnny Cash Mercury Years 

CD - Mercury Label  (Available)

Track List 

  1. Sixteen Tons

  2. Cat's In The Cradle

  3. Wanted Man 

  4. The Old Wheel  W / Hank Williams Jr. 

  5. Sweeter Then The Flowers W/ Waylon Jennings 

  6. W Lee O' Daniel

  7. I'll Go Somewhere & Sing My Songs Again

  8. Beans For Breakfast

  9. As Long As I Live  W / Emmylou Harris 

  10. Call Me The Breeze

  11. Suppertime

  12. Letter From Home

  13. Backstage Pass

  14. I Love You Love You 

  15. Monteagle Mountain

  16. I'd Rather Have You 

  17. Don't Take Your Guns To Town 

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