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The Sun Years

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NOTE: All Of The Johnny Cash CD's  That Are Available, Can Be Purchased At Most Major CD Online Music Outlets

The Fabulous Johnny Cash

The Fabulous Johnny Cash

Columbia  CS-8122   1959
No longer Available on Vinyl (New)
 Now Available On CD Columbia/Legacy CK-86333
Release Date 19March 2002


Side #1

  1. Run Softly Blue River
  2. Frankie's Man Johnny   ( # 9 HIT )     1959
  3. That's All Over
  4. The Troubador
  5. One More Ride
  6. That's Enough 

Side #2

  1. I Still Miss Someone   ( Words To The Song  )
  2. Don't Take Your Guns To Town   ( # 1 HIT )     1959
  3. I'd Rather Die Young
  4. Pickin Time
  5. Shepherd Of my Heart
  6. Supper Time

Bonus Tracks For Legacy/Columbia CD Version Only

Bonus Tracks 

  1. Oh What A Dream (Take #1)
  2. Mama's Baby
  3. Fool's Hall Of Fame
  4. I'll Remember You 
  5. Cold Shoulder 
  6. Walkin The Blues 

Don’t Take your Guns To Town 

 Note; Johnny Cash had mentioned that when he wrote "Don't Take Your Guns..." he based the melody on an old Irish folk song, "Casey Lowered the Boom".

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Other Hits Of 1960 (Columbia) 

  1. Debut Date 5/09/60 - Smiling Bill McCall  - #10 Hit

  2. Debut Date 8/22/60 -  Second Honeymoon - #15 Hit

Johnny Cash Songs Of Our Soil

JcSongsOfSoilWhite2.jpg (10484 bytes)

Columbia  CS-8148   1959
No Longer Available New ! On Vinyl
Now Newly Released on CD 8/27/02



  1. Drink to Me
  2. Five Feet High And Rising   ( # 14 HIT )    1959
  3. The Man on the Hill
  4. Hank And Joe And Me
  5. Clementine
  6. The Great Speckled Bird


  1. I Want To Go Home
  2. The Caretaker
  3. Old Apache Squaw
  4. Don't Step on Mother's Roses
  5. My Grandfather's Clock
  6. It Could Be You

Songs Of Our Soil was, for the most part, recorded in 1959, the year after the insuperable Johnny Cash was singed to   Columbia  records. One of many concepts albums, made by the “Man In Black” this one featured American Folk ballads, plus adaptations thereof and Cash originals captured the spirit of the enduring form. “Songs Of Our Soil” was initially released when several styles of folk music were experiencing renewed popularity on college campuses, thanks to among others, groups like the Kingston Trio and engaging new artist such as Joan Baez. Cash (1932) tapped into the folk revival via such staples as “Clementine” better known as “My Darline Clementine” and “I Want To Go Home” which the Beach Boys fans will at once recognize as “Sloop John B” and a powerful originals like “Five Feet And Rising” and “The Man On The Hill” evoking the hardships that Great Depression brought to rural America. Now expanded with the addition of two bonus tracks, “Songs Of Our Soil” also contains three songs “Five Feet High And Rising” “I Got Strips” and You Dreamer You” – that in 1959 cracked the top 15  on the country charts.   

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Hymns By Johnny Cash

JcHymnsByWhite2.jpg (11660 bytes)

Vinyl LP -Columbia  CS - 81125   1959
No Longer Available New ! On Vinyl
Now  Available On CD Columbia/Legacy CK-863331

Side #1

  1. It Was Jesus
  2. I Saw a Man
  3. Are All The Children in
  4. The Old Account
  5. Lead Me Gently Home
  6. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

Side #2

  1. Snow In His Hair
  2. Lead Me Father
  3. I Called Him
  4. These Things Shall Pass
  5. He'll Be a Friend
  6. God Will
  7. It Was Jesus  (Bonus Track) Mono EP Version 

In this inspiring collection, Johnny Cash turns his attention from the popular songs that have made him one of the brightest stars of today to the simpler songs of faith and devotion, presenting a program that combines religious feeling with music in splendid fashion. There are many fine hymns to choose from, and sometimes the old favorites are too often chosen, at the expense of the excellent new religious songs being written every day.

Johnny Cash, in fact, began his remarkable career as a composer, jotting down musical ideas that occurred to him. He started out in his hometown of Dyess, Arkansas, singing with his friends and in church, and, after the army, attended radio school. It was there that his interest in music really flowered, and he began to take his pastime seriously. At last he gathered together a few of his songs and started to call on record companies, and with in a short time was signed not only as a composer but as a performer as well. His first four songs were all big hits, as were several subsequent numbers, and his records shot to the top of the best-seller lists. He joined the cast of the Grand-Ole-Opry, working with such stars as Marty Robbins, Carl Perkins, and Ray Price, and then, with a movie career in the offing, moved to Hollywood, where he lives today, with his wife and three small daughters.

Here he is heard in his selection of hymns, singing them reverently and fervently, and investing them with deep meaning. Among the songs are “It Was Jesus”, formerly called “Who Was It” and the ever moving “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” sung in his own arrangement. The hymns, which he himself has written, included “It Was Jesus”, “Are All The Children In” (Written with Oliver Green), “The Old Account”,  “He Be A Friend”, and “Lead My Father”. No one can listen to Johnny Cash singing these hymns, or the others in this program, without sensing at once the warm blend of artistry and sincerity that has so quickly made him a star, and no one can listen without sharing in that sincerity.

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Now  There Was A Song

Now There Was A Song LP &CD

Vinyl LP -Columbia  CL-1463   1960
No Longer Available New ! On Vinyl
Now  Available On CD

Side #1

  1. Seasons Of My Heart   ( # 10 HIT )   1960
  2. I Feel Better All Over
  3. I Couldn't Keep From Crying
  4. Time Changes Everything
  5. My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You
  6. I'd Fool Enough

Side #2

  1. Transfusion Blues
  2. Why Do You Punish Me
  3. I Will Miss When You Go
  4. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
  5. Just One More
  6. Honky - Tonk Girl

Until this album, Johnny Cash has been represented on records chiefly in his own compositions, such as “I Walk The Line” “Don’t Take Your Guns To Town” and “What I care” here he turns to songs made famous by others singers, saluting the artists who introduced them. At the same time he gives the songs his own distinctive interpretations. It’s the kind of singing that makes a listener declare “Now There Was A Song” His rich voice, the stirring warmth and the straight forward approach have made Johnny Cash one of the world’s most popular artist. These are great songs, and Johnny Cash is a great singer.

“Seasons Of My Heart” was introduced by George Jones as another selection, ”Just One More” Ferlin Husky popularized “I Feel Better All Over” and Marty Robbins scored one of his biggest successes with “I Couldn’t Keep From Crying” “Time Changes Everything” was presented by Bob Wills, with a vocal by Tommy Duncan. The same Mr. Wills also had a big hit with “My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You” recently given new life by Ray Price. “I’d Just Be Fool Enough” was introduced by Melvin Endsley, and Roy Hogshead offered “Transfusion Blues” One of  Hank Snow’s biggest huts was “Why Do You Punish Me” Ernest Tubbs had equal success with “I Will Miss You When You Go” “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” was given best- seller status by  Hank Williams, and  Hank Thompson preformed the same feat with “Honky-tonk Girl”.

Johnny first began to sing while working with his family on a farm near Kingsland   Arkansas  . He achieved local fame for his singing in high school, and continued his performances in impromptu shows during a tour of duty with the Air Force in   Germany  . A civilian once again he enrolled in a radio and television school, hoping to become an announcer, but lack of finances changed his plans.

While he was working as a salesman, Johnny arrived in   Memphis ,  Tennessee  , where Elvis Presley was just beginning to record for a small local record company. Johnny brought his talents to the attention of the same company, and was advised to write some songs. With instinctive simplicity, Johnny wrote his songs, recorded them and soon found himself famous. Signed by   Columbia  Records, his fame spread around the world with such albums as “The Fabulous Johnny Cash” “Songs Of Our Soil” and “Hymns By Johnny Cash”. This new collection offers still another example of Johnny’s warm artistry, memories from the past that he assembled for the pleasure of his admirers.   

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Other Hits Of 1961 (Columbia) 

  1. Debut Date - 6/12/61 - The Rebel - Johnny Yuma  - #24 Hit

  2. Debut Date 12/18/61 -Tennessee Flat-Top-Box - #11 Hi

The Sound Of  Johnny Cash

JcTheSoundByWhite2.jpg (10075 bytes)

Vinyl LP - Columbia  CL - 1802   1962
No Longer Available New ! On Vinyl


  1. Lost On The Desert
  2. Accidentally On Purpose
  3. In The Jailhouse Now   ( # 8 HIT )     1962
  4. Mr. Lonesome
  5. You Won't Have Far To Go
  6. In Them Old Cottonfields Back Home


  1. Delia's Gone
  2. I forgot More Than You'll Ever Know
  3. You Remember Me
  4. I'm Free From The Chain Gang Now
  5. let Me Down Easy
  6. Sing It Pretty Sue

One of the most renowned and talented of balladeers, the fabulous Johnny Cash once again offers a fine collection of originals and classics.

He begins his program with “Lost On The Desert” a hair-raising tale of an escaped convict seeking the cache he buried before capture; but the sun-scored sky, the devil and his won conscience baffle his desperate search. In “Accidentally On Purpose” Johnny offers an ironic glimpse of a jilted young man who suspects that his former sweetheart married another out of sheer spite. In The Jailhouse Now, by Jimmy Rodgers, is an outstanding example of the narrative ballad form. Mr. Lonesome tells how it feels to have a severe case of the blues, while “You Won’t Have To Go Far” expresses the sentiments of a gambling man who gambled at love – and lost. In Them Old Cotton Fields Back Home” which closes the first half of the program, is a widely known, poignant ballad.

Johnny begins the second portion with “Dellia’s Gone” and moving account of a man haunted by his murdered sweetheart’s memory even as he drags his ball and chain, and then changes pace with “I Forgot More Than You’ll Ever Know”, a betrayed lover’s lament over a fickle lady-friend who succumbed to the lure of the town’s pleasures by the honky-tonk piano in the background. You Remembered Me is another Johnny Cash original about a man who believed that promises were mad to break apart, while “I’m Free From These Chain Gang Now” presents in a vivid terms the problems facing an ex-convict who must try again his former, respected position in society “Let Me Down Easy” tell me a lie entreats a deceived lover in the next song. Johnny concludes his program with his own “Sing It Pretty Sue” the admonition of a bereaved sweetheart who has lost his beautiful “Sue” to the glamour of show business.

In The Sound Of Johnny Cash, Johnny is heard at his finest, singing songs of outstanding interest in his inimitable and uniquely expressive style    

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Blood Sweat And Tears

JcJohnHenryWhite2.jpg (9012 bytes)

Vinyl LP -Columbia CS - 8730   1963
 Now Available On CD
No Longer Available New ! On Vinyl

Side #1

  1. The Legend Of John Henry's Hammer
  2. Tell Him I'm Gone
  3. Another Man Done Gone

Side #2

  1. Busted   ( # 13 HIT )    1963
  2. Casey Jones
  3. Nine Pound Hammer
  4. Chain Gang
  5. Waiting For a Train
  6. Roughneck

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Ring Of  Fire

JcRingOfFireWhite2.jpg (11425 bytes)

Gold Album 

Vinyl LP -Columbia CS - 8853    1963
No Longer Available New ! On Vinyl
Now Available On CD





Side #1

  1. Ring Of Fire   ( # 1 HIT )    1963
  2. I'd Still Be There
  3. What Do I Care   ( # 7 HIT )      1958
  4. I Still Miss Someone
  5. Forty Shades Of Green
  6. Were You There

Side #2

  1. The Rebel    ( # 24 HIT )    ( Johnny Yuma )     1961
  2. Bonanza
  3. The Big Battle    ( #24 HIT )   1962
  4. Remember The Alamo
  5. Tennessee Flat Top Box  ( # 11 HIT )   1961
  6. Peace In The Valley

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Other Hits Of 1963 (Columbia) 

  1. Debut Date 11/09/63 - The Matador - #2 hit 

Hymns From the Heart

JcHymnsFromHeartWhite2.jpg (9098 bytes)

Columbia  CS - 8522    1962 
No Longer Available New ! On Vinyl
The Songs On This Album Can Be found On The Johnny  Cash   Gospel Collection CD 

Side #1

  1. He'll Understand And Say Well Done
  2. God Must Have My Fortune Laid Away
  3. When I've Learned
  4. I Got Shoes
  5. Let The Lower Lights Be Burning
  6. If We Never Meet Again

Side #2

  1. When I Take My Vacation In Heaven
  2. When He Reached Down His Hand For Me
  3. Taller Than Trees
  4. I Won't Have To Cross Jordan Alone
  5. My God Is Real
  6. These Hands

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Ride This Train

JcRideThisTrainWhite2.jpg (9888 bytes)

Columbia CS-8255    1960
No Longer Available New ! On Vinyl

Now Available On CD Columbia/Legacy CK-80332
Released 19 March 2002

Side #

  1. Loading Coal
  2. Slow Rider
  3. Lumber Jack
  4. Dorrainen of Ponchartrian

Side #2

  1. Going to Memphis
  2. When Papa Played the Dobro
  3. Boss Jack
  4. Old Dock Brown

Bonus Tracks For Legacy/Columbia CD Version Only

Bonus Tracks 

  1. The Fable Of Willie Brown 
  2. Second Honeymoon
  3. The Ballad Of The Harpweaver
  4. Smiling Bill McCall 

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The True West

JcTrueWestWhite2.jpg (12004 bytes)

LP-Columbia  C2S-38   1965
No Longer Available New ! On Vinyl
Is Available On CD Bear Family Box Set
Now Available On CD Sony Music DZS-176


Johnny Cash "Sings Ballads Of The Ture West" To Be Released on Feb. 22, 2000 On One CD And will Include Liner Notes By Johnny Cash  The Track List To This CD  Is Not Yet Fully Available

Side #1

  1. Hiawatha's Vison
  2. The road to Kentucky
  3. The Shifting Whispering Sands
  4. The Balladed of Boot Hill
  5. I Ride An Old Paint

Side #2

  1. Harden Wouldn't Run
  2. Mister Garfield    (Debut Date - 7/10/65 - As #15
  3. The Streets Of Laredo
  4. Johnny Reb
  5. A Letter From Home

Side #3

  1. Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie
  2. Mean As Hell
  3. Sam Hill
  4. 25 Minutes To Go
  5. The Blizzard

Side #4

  1. Sweet Betsy From Pike
  2. Green Grow The Lilacs
  3. Stampede
  4. The Shifting Whispering Sands

Note: Bonus Tracks Only Found The Latest Expanded Version CD
Released In 2002 

  1. Rodeo Hand

  2. Stampede (Alternate Instrumental) 

NOTE: All Of The Johnny Cash CD's  That Are Available, Can Be Purchased At Most Major Music Outlets

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