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 Author Michael Streissguth 
Edited Ring Of Fire: The Johnny Cash Reader 


On  January 13, Johnny Cash (1932 – 2003 ) took the stage at Folsom prison in Folsom  California. The event and the album, Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison, propelled him to worldwide superstardom with his definitive rendering of I Still Miss Some The Long Black Veil and, of course Folsom Prison Blues. He reached new audiences ignited tremendous growth in the country music industry, and connected with fans in a way no other artist has before or since.

Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison is an engrossing, riveting account of the day, what led to it, and what came after. Michael Streissguth skillfully places the album and concert in the larger context of Cash’s artistic development, the era’s popular music, and California’s prison system, uncovering new angles and exploding a few myths along the way. Scrupulously reached, richly informed by the author’s unprecedented access to Folsom Prison and Columbia record’s archives and fully illustrated with over 100 photos – many never before published – legendary photographer Jim Marshall, Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison shows how Johnny Cash forever became a champion of the down-trodden, as well as one of the most enduring forces of American music 


A Must Book For All Cash Fan's !!!!


I Still Miss Someone 

During a career that spanned six decades, Johnny Cash touched the lives of millions around the world with his distinctive style, powerful presence, and classic songs that mirrored the human condition.

In I Still Miss Someone, more than forty members of Cash’s family and inner circle offer personal remembrances of the Man In Black and provide an insider’s perspective on the heart and soul of the friends they knew simply as John. The tapestry they weave of humorous incidents, cherished memories and touching moments revealed both the public and private sides of a wonderful adept and complex man – John R Cash, A True American treasure.

Featuring intimate contributions from  broad spectrum of persons from all eras of Cash’s remarkable life – including siblings Tommy Cash and Joanne Cash Yates; children John Carter Cash, Cindy Cash, and Tara Cash Schwoebel; band-mates  W.S. Holland, Bob Wooton, and Dave Roe; country music legends Merle Kikgore, Johnny Western, “Cowboy” Jack Clement; and many more.

I Still Miss Someone  is a heartfelt tribute by those whose friendship with Johnny Cash was both deep and long-lasting.

Compiled By Hugh Waddell


Ring Of Fire 
A Tribute To Johnny Cash

There's Two Types Of People. Those Who Like Johnny Cash And Those Who Will 

And His Was honest That's The World That Always Comes To Me.
Honesty, that Rings True. If You Bring That To Your Music
That'll Ring True Across All Genres Of Music 

Was On Sale At The Ryman On The Johnny Cash Tribute Weekend 

Johnny Cash The Man In Black Book #1

His Own Story In His Own Words

This book will tell you about a long time gone prodigal who has been brought back…you’ll find out how I’ve fallen and how I’ve turned around again to feel (God’s) love and his forgiveness ….. You may promise that I will unveil my life just as clearly and honestly as I know how. I’m including the failures as well as the times spent in finding strength, states Johnny Cash in the opening paragraphs of his new book.  

So many facts have come down in exaggerated form or out of context, and now this man who has become a legend in his time gives you his own story in his own word! Starting with his childhood years and on into the country and western music circuit, through the seven long years of drug addiction to the living faith he now experience, this is the real Johnny Cash.   

As far as fleeting fame and earthly glories I had hit the top, I’d been to Carnegie Hall. The Hollywood Bowl, and on the cover of Look Magazine (but) some times when I’m alone and I sing “My Prayer Again” that’s when I feel higher and better than any time I’ve ever been on stag, because its….a reminder every time I sing it that God does answer prayer. The lesson shared are deeply personal and humbling, as Johnny Cash tells his life story in Man In Black.    

This book gives the reader an in-depth look at the pressures and problems inherent in show-business life, and reveals how a live serenely in the vortex of a sometimes chaotic whirl.   

Johnny Cash Is an American tradition. His words and songs portray the very heart of   America  : the homes, churches, prisons, Highways, and railroad. Rising form poverty to superstardom, this man’s deep voice carries the ring of sincerity and experience, for he has risen from the depths of despair to the heights of Christian commitment. Johnny Cash is   America  ’s in song and “God’s Superstar.”   

Johnny's Cash's Latest Book

The Book, Cash, Now In Paperback

Gives a feel for what it might be like to spend some time with him, Cash is a good storyteller,  fascinating ) rich, anecdotes, Interesting observations, any Cash fan will find a lot here to enjoy ( Boston Globe  ) 

( I came away from reading this book, CASH, with the same thoughts and feelings as the Boston Globe’s book review had stated. It has always been a dream of mine to have spent some time and talk with Mr. Cash, but this was not to be! But he did answer a lot of questions that I had for him in his book and I wanted to thank him for that

Insight , relaxed , and conversational---- the stories sing ( New York times book review )

Johnny Cash Picture Book

Johnny Cash More Than Any Country Musician

By Frank Moriarty

Johnny Cash is one of the most important figures of Popular music, and this book is a celebration of his life and career, and music. Written by a veteran music journalist Johnny Cash is filled with full color and Black-and-white photographs of Cash performing as well as relaxing at home with his family. Flipping through theses pages readers will become well-acquainted with "The Man In black" and understand the grit and determination that have made him what is today. It is sure to be a treasured addition to any country music fan,s library

The pictures in this book are fantastic and find myself picking up and looking at the pictures of Johnny Cash often, some I have never seen before Steven Menke

Elvis Hank And Me

Johnny Cash Wrote the Introduction to  (Elvis Hank and Me ) and below is  a very small part of it.

  IF you’re a country music fan I don’t think you’ll read a more fascinating book this year (Elvis, Hank And Me). If you weren’t fortunate enough to be at the Hayride in person like I was, this book is the next best thing. And if you were there, you’ll like it even more Johnny Cash  

eyeroll.gif (2357 bytes)   

The Boy Named Cash

book boy named sue web 1.jpg (9523 bytes)

Boy Named Cash
Paper Back Only 

The Boy Named Cash written by Albert Govoni. Went into print in early 1970 and was published by Lancer Books Co. . For it’s time it was about the only book on Johnny Cash’s life until Man In Black a biography written by Johnny Cash in 1975. The book Boy Named Cash was the unvarnished facts of Johnny Cash’s life and career of his poverty stricken boyhood in tiny town Kingsland, Arkansas. Here in this book Johnny Cash in word and pictures, the life and love ,the defeats and the rise to fame of America’s great country music artist ever. As a Johnny Cash fan in the 70’s I remember reading this book many times and watching the Johnny Cash every Saturday night on ABC-TV    Through the eye’s of a fan Steven Menke

Johnny Cash The Life Of An American Icon 

From his legendary 50s Sun recordings to his latter-day classic “American” albums, Johnny Cash was always the country vice of rock. This is his amazing story – Stephen Miller’s vivid account of the life and times of a journeyman who started out with stablemates Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Carl Perkins, and who would later collaborate with musical friends such as Bob Dylan, Waylon Jennings, Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson.  

Stephen Miller has been a fan of country music for more than twenty years and for six years he received albums and interviewed artists for Scottish radio station, SCOT FM. In the course of his research for this book he spent time in and around Nashville interviewing people in the music industry who have worked closely with Johnny Cash as well as members of his family. He is married and lives in Edinbufgh. 

This Is His Unique Story  

Johnny Cash An American Legend

Music Help Me Walk Closer To God But Sometimes I Ended Up Listening To The Devil; Johnny Cash 

Johnny Cash stood tall as one of the most recognized figures in the entire industry - the only performer ever to be inducted into both the Country Music and Rock N Roll Halls Of Fame. Among his fans were presidents and preachers, prisoners and the poor. Raised in dire poverty as a son of an Arkansas sharecropper, cash rose up to become a larger-than-life cultural force with songs that covered the struggles and dreams   of the American people. The Man In Black may have died on Set. 12 2003 but his music and Larger-than-life spirit will live forever. 

An American Legend By Michael McCall 

Hello I'm Johnny Cash

Spire Christian Comics By Johnny Cash 
With Billy Zeoli and Al Hartley

Push Push

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