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American Records

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Johnny Cash Wins Grammy For Best Male Country Vocal Performance for
"Solitary Man"

Congratulations Go To Johnny Cash   

43rd Grammy Awards, Aired Feb. 21 2001 On CBS 

Category 33
Best Male Country Vocal Performance

For a solo vocal performance. Singles or Tracks only.

  1. Solitary Man
    Johnny Cash

    Track from: American III - Solitary Man
    [American/Columbia Records]

American #3 Solitary Man 

The latest JOHNNY CASH release. Vinyl will be released first on September 26, due in stores by October 3. CD will be released next, in stores by October 17.

There are several special guests on this album. Artists such as June Carter Cash, Merle Haggard, Tom Petty and Sheryl Crow added their own special touches.

If You Would Like To-Order This Album
CD And Vinyl Is Still Available
At Tower Records 

Track List 

I Won't Back Down ( Featuring Tom Petty )
Solitary Man ( With Tom Petty ) 
Lucky Ole Sun
I See A Darkness
The Mercy Seat
Would You Lay With Me ( In A Field Of Stone 
Field of Diamonds ( Featuring Sheryl Crow & June Carter Cash 
Country Trash
Mary of the Wild Moor
Before My Time ( With Sheryl Crow )
I'm Leavin' Now ( Featuring Merle Haggard )
Wayfaring Stranger ( Sheryl Crow )

Cash's new album, American # 3 Solitary Man, consist of his first recordings since being diagnosed with Shy-Drager Syndrome in 1997. The Rick Rubin-produced album, which will be released on American Records includes covers of U2's "One" Tom Petty "I Won't Back Down" David Allen Coe's " Would You Lay With Me" ( In A Field Of Stone) And Neil Diamonds "Solitary Man" Mike Campbell is also featured on "Field Of Diamonds" while Benmont Tench plays on "I See The Darkness" 

News Paper Article ( The Times ) 

Plans For The Future ( Johnny Cash & Rick Rubin ) 
Besides the new album, Cash and Rubin are thinking about putting out a boxed set of “American “ albums plus a full disc of outtakes. Don’t look, however, for Cash to tour again. He may do an occasional TV appearance – such as the 1999 concert in which Dylan, Springsteen, U2’s Bono, Wyclef Jean, lyle Lovett and others paid tribute to him. But he has no desire to spend weeks on the road, even if health permitted. “June and I have been on the road so long and we’re so tired” he said. “It’s time we did some other things we’ve wanted to do in our lives.” He also wants to devote more time to songwriting. “I know everyone will say I’ve got to be out my skull, but I feel like my recording career has just begun,” he said. “You know my dreams and ambitions after all these years are pretty much the same as they were qt the beginning. I still just want to make records and sing on the radio. After I finally go on the radio. I just wanted to make better records, and that’s still what I want to do. 


American Records CD 9-45520-2

Track List

  1. Delia's Gone
  2. Let The Train Blow The Whistle
  3. The Beast In Me
  4. Drive On
  5. Why Me Lord
  6. Thirteen
  7. Oh Bury Me Not
  8. Bird On A Wire
  9. Tennessee Stud
  10. Down There By The Train
  11. Redemption
  12. Like A Soldier
  13. The Man Who Couldn't Cry

There's Some Pretty Heavy Songs In This Album But They're From The Heart And From The Gut, Which Is What Life Is All About

It has been told to me, that this photo was taken on the side of the road that leads from Melbourne to Geelong Austral. The story goes that they were in the bus going to Geelong, and they though the landscape would make a great photo - miles from any houses, rolling wind-swept plains etc. They went out, started to take photo's and these dogs came out to join Johnny. They loved him and he couldn't get rid of them, so they used them in the photo's.

Johnny Cash

Sometimes the finest pleasures in life are the basic ones. On American Recordings the latest album from Johnny Cash – a person whose picture you should carved in any encyclopedia under the heading American Folk Hero – there are no screaming guitars, no rockabilly retreads, and no deafening decibels. Instead the legendary 68-year-old man In Black keeps it simple: It’s just him, his black D-28 Martin acoustic guitar, and that seasoned, rugged voice. Even in such an unadorned, stark context, Johnny Cash holds you spellbound. He’s chosen a baker’s dozen songs that are tales of tradition, turbulence, humility, and humanity, and his resonant and recognizable quaver suggest both invincibility and vulnerability in his earthly Arkansas soul. Unlikely producer Rick Rubin, more familiarly associated with such rockers as “The Red Hot Chili Peppers” or “The Beastie Boys” proves a sympathetic ally by simply standing back and letting the tape roll. The result? Cash’s best album in nearly a quarter century. Recorded, as the liner credits state, in Rick’s living room and Johnny’s cabin (except for a pair songs recorded at actor Johnny Depp’s Hollywood nightclub The Viper Room) American starts on a mischievous note with “Delia’s Gone” a story about a murdered lover who comes back to haunt him. “Let the Train Blow the Whistle” finds the Man In Black transformed into The Man On Track for an intriguing narrative, while his version of the former son-in-law Nick Lowe’s “The Beast In Me” tells of a weathered man describing his rough edges. Kris Kristofferson's “Why Me Lord” is sung      


Unchained_Hompage_web1.jpg (25751 bytes)

American Records CD 9-43097-2
Note !!! Some CD Outlets Are Saying This CD 
Of Johnny Cash Unchained Is Now Out Of Print 

ImageGrammyLogoSmall.jpg (3321 bytes)
Grammy Winner

Track List

  1. Rowboat
  2. Sea Of  Heartbreak
  3. Rusty Cage
  4. The One Rose
  5. Country Boy
  6. Memories Are Made Of This
  7. Spiritual
  8. Kneeling Drunkard Plea
  9. Meet Me In Heaven
  10. I Never Picked Cotton
  11. Unchained
  12. I've Been Everywhere

Some of My Guitars

In my collection of guitars , three of them stand out. One is a D-45 custom Martin made in 1982 and signed by CF. Martin #3 and #4. Another is a D-76, #375 of 1976 made in the bi centennial year. My favorite is the black D-28, I used on the first album. Martin gave it to me in 1969 and I was told it was the first black guitar the company made     Johnny Cash

Best Country Album

For solo artists, Duos or Groups, vocal or instrumental. Compilation albums by various artists are not eligible. Award to Artist and to the Producer(s) of 51% or more playing time of album. Unchained Rick Rubin, producer

Best Male Country Vocal Performance  American Records
For a solo vocal performance. Singles or Tracks only.
Rusty Cage       Johnny Cash           Track from Unchained

Cash, Unchained

Despite the stark brilliance of Johnny Cash’s solo-acoustic comeback American Recordings, that album’s relatively narrow focus didn’t do justice to the depth and breadth of Cash’s uniquely American and deep personal art. That album’s follow-up Unchained ( American ) Four Star is a bit more representative. With Tom Petty and the heart breakers providing sensitive and restrain support, Cash covers a variety of bases, from the iconic balladry of "spiritual" and " I Never Picked Cotton" to the rockabilly swagger of "I’ve Been Everywhere" and " Country Boy". In between there’s a reading of Beck’s "Rowboat" that’s no more gimmicky than Cash’s classic Dylan covers and a sound garden tune, "Rusty Cage" that he invests with emotional gravity in much the same way he did with, say "Ghost Riders In the Sky". And if Cash’s voice isn’t the technicl marvel it once was, he remains a singularly lucid interpreter, cocky enough to tackle unfamiliar material head on, and confident enough to take a sentimental chestnut like "Memories ar Mad Of These" at face value.

Johnny Cash’s last two Album’s has been two of his best, Cash, Unchained. The Unchained Album was Nominated for a Grammy for best country Album of the year. From the first day when I listened to the Unchained album I new it was a winner. I want to Congratulate to Johnny Cash & June Carter on this Grammy WINNER !!! on the Unchained album.. You both have through the years worked very hard, both recordings and working the road. And I’ve seen all of this for forty year’s through these eye’s of a fan   Steven Menke

Johnny Cash VH-1

Jc_VH-3_white_web4.jpg (9625 bytes)

American Records CD-69416

Live Album

Johnny Cash’s new CD on American records VH-1 Story Tellers is out and in stores. On the CD he sings I Still Miss Someone and I wanted say one thing to Johnny Cash, that song you recorded over thirty years ago still sounded great, and you still sang it great on the storyteller CD after all these years. Thanks for the song Johnny Cash   Steven Menke

Track List

  1. ( Ghost ) Riders In The Sky
  2. Worried Man
  3. Family Bible
  4. Don't Take Your Guns To Town
  5. Funny How Time Slips Away
  6. Flesh And Blood
  7. Crazy
  8. Unchained
  9. Night Life
  10. Drive On
  11. Me And Paul
  12. I Still Miss Someone
  13. Always On My Mind
  14. Folsom Prison Blues
  15. On The Road Again

 MeAnWilliePicWeb1.jpg (5611 bytes)

Willie And Me

"My manager. Lou Robin said "all VH-1 wants is two guitars,two stools and you and Willie.

I approach the situation with much trepidation, for as I walk on the stage, there is a barn full chrome and steel microphones, amplifiers and about a thousandmiles of wire. The ay=udience is three feet away boxing us in, but with friendly faces. We pick, yet we know not when we pick. No planned program swapping songs from out of the back of our heads. Just like a guitar pull at my house. He looks at me and sees that I am watching him. Now he's watching me. I think he knows I made a wrong cord. He gets over it. We get into a song that feels good, willie and me. i watch Willie's hand as he takes a guitar lead. He plows into a note and, the same time. There is a slight crimace on his face, as if it might hurt just a little bit. as he pulls the note off, he grites his teeth. I've seen hands like that in the cotton fields. Rough. Gnarly. Dextrous. Determined Precise, Concise Fascinating, that said. how about Greed Lust, Anger. Sloth. Gluttony. Envy, Pride. The seven deadly sins. But none of them commited here tonight, except maybe on my part


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